Novel Feral Hog Bait

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Our LSU AgCenter scientists have introduced a breakthrough solution for feral pig control through a hog bait and toxicant composition. These creatures are notorious for causing significant damage to crops and carrying dangerous diseases that threaten both animals and humans. Our fast-acting bait contains sodium nitrite, a potent ingredient that pigs are highly susceptible to. Once consumed, the bait acts quickly to eliminate the hog. The scent is targeted specifically to hogs, ensuring that only the intended target is affected. Best of all, this cost-effective solution disintegrates quickly, leaving no harmful environmental impact. This product can help you take control of your agricultural land and protect your community.


  • Effective and rapid feral hog elimination
  • Low environmental impact
  • Reduced agricultural damage

Commercial Uses:

  • Feral hog control

Hog Bait Technical Summary PDF

8/28/2023 8:43:34 PM
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