The Flood Fighter Challenge


In this activity, children will discover through play or experimentation that it's hard to keep water on one side of a barrier, but having the floor of the house off the ground usually keeps it dry


Flooding is a problem in all parts of Louisiana. This activity may be particularly useful when students have witnessed a flood, but it will be fun and leave useful impressions even if they have NOT had that experience.


  • plastic electrical boxes (1 per station)
  • Pair roller trays
  • Balls of modeling clay
  • small sandbags
  • Clothespins (4 per station)
  • paint stirrer
  • Plastic cups
  • water

Set up:

  • Be sure the table is sturdy and water resistant.
  • Place the workstations closer to the student side of the table.
  • Place supplies tray where it will be shared by two work stations
  • Work the clay to make it soft enough to manipulate
  • Have towels on hand

Explain floods and hurricanes to students, and be sure to explain tot hem the many ways they can use their supplies to prevent their house (electrical box) from getting flooded.

Allow the students to build and protect their house as they wish. They can use all of the materials to create physical barriers to elevate the home.

Once the students are done, slowly pour the water in the painting tray and point out to the students how it goes through or is held back by barriers. Ask the students how their house survived the storm and see if they successfully prevented a flood.

Close with a discussion of how they could have protected the house more, if applicable.

Flooded neighborhood.
6/26/2024 4:20:35 PM
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