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By Kimberly Williams and Lanette Hebert

Louisiana 4-H has a long, rich history spanning more than a century. As we move into the future, Louisiana 4-H is committed to being intentional about highlighting our youth and ensuring they are prepared to thrive. Through their experiences and the people they encounter in 4-H, youth can start to find their spark.

The 4-H Thriving Model, developed by Mary Arnold at Oregon State University and now adopted nationwide, defines sparks as skills, talents, interests and special qualities that provide joy, energy, purpose and direction in the life of students. These self-identified interests provide the ignition for youth to explore and thrive. The model predicts that youth who participate in 4-H programs with high-quality developmental contexts will thrive, and in turn, those youth achieve key developmental outcomes such as personal responsibility and a positive academic attitude.

“The 4-H Thriving Model exemplifies the concept of positive youth development,” said Todd Tarifa, LSU AgCenter 4-H department head. “The 4-H Thriving Model illustrates the effectiveness of 4-H programs by connecting high quality programs to the promotion of a young person’s social, emotional, and cognitive learning, and how it relates to positive youth development and long-term outcomes.”

“Encouraging a young person to find their spark, and giving them a sense of belonging, having caring relationships, and engaging them in meaningful learning opportunities is the strength of the 4-H program,” Tarifa said. “Giving young people a hopeful purpose leads to positive developmental outcomes, which ultimately creates productive individuals that give back to their communities. The 4-H Thriving Model is a true illustration of what is needed to build a sound youth development program.”

A teen girl holds a paint palette.

Abigail Toups, 11, of Lafayette Parish, enjoys expressing herself through art projects. Spark: Expressive Arts. Provided photo.

A young teen girl takes aim with a rifle.Abigail Hawkins, 17, of Pointe Coupee Parish, practices shooting sports. Spark: Shooting Sports. Provided photo.

Three girls feed goats milk out of bottles while an adult woman stands behind them.

Brody Seals, 15, of Concordia Parish, center, feeds a pygmy goat. Provided photo.

Two teen girls stand in a grassy area, while one of them holds a rifle.

Addison Bounds, 15, of Red River Parish, shows her sister the best way to stand while shooting and explains how it will improve accuracy. Spark: Shooting Sports. Provided photos.

A teen girl packs a box on a table filled with toys.

Lauren Poole, 17, of Winn Parish, packs gifts in an Operation Christmas Child shoebox. This project is one of her favorite ways to serve her community. Spark: Community Service. Provided photos.

A young man wearing protective eyewear takes aim with a rifle.

Luke Schulze, 14, of East Baton Rouge Parish, shoots a round of skeet at shotgun practice. Spark: Shooting Sports. Provided photo.

A teen boy takes aim with a rifle as an adult stands by in the background.

Finley McGill, 16, of Lafayette Parish, participates in the regional shoot in Port Allen. Spark: Shooting Sports.

A group of people stand in a coloseum on a floor full of hay.

Shaohannah Martin, 17, of Lafayette Parish, helps educate youth at AgMagic. Spark: Livestock.

Icon of four hands holding to make a square shape.


Icon of three people joined by a circle.

Connection with Others

Icon of a hand holding a lightbulb.


Icon of a bull's eye with a dart through the middle.

Goal Setting and Management

Icon of a person walking up stairs with a flat at the top, which says

Growth Mindset

Icon of two hands holding a heart, which says

Hopeful Purpose

Icon of a person hiking with a backpack and walking stick

Openness to Challenge
and Discovery

Icon of two human figures with an equal sign between them.

Opportunity for All

Icon of a person holding a flag.

Personal Responsibility

Icon of a person with three check boxes to the left.

Personal Standards

Icon of a person wearing a graduation cap.

Positive Academic Attitude

Icon of two hands giving each other a high five.


Icon of two people hugging.Prosocial Orientation

Icon of a thumbs up, which says

Positive Emotions

Icon of two figures near each other, with one standing on a box.

Robust Equity

Icon of a person connected to three more people.

Social Competence

Icon of several stars.


Icon of a human head with a gear inside it.

Transformative Learning

Icon of a person with a halo around the head

Transcendent Awareness

Icon of a megaphone.


Icon of a person with a star near the left shoulder.

Youth Engagement

Icon of a person leading two others while holding a flag.

Youth Leadership

Icon of a person with sparks coming from the head.

Youth Thriving

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