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2023 Beef Poster Contest

This activity will encourage participants to learn more about the beef industry while encouraging beef industry, product, and nutrition promotion. Participants will develop a visual form of marketing communication to convey thoughts and ideas. Participants are expected to create original work. The contest is open to 4-H and FFA members between 4th and 12th grades. A 4-H or FFA member is allowed to win each division only once at the state level.Posters submitted to the state competition become the property of the LSU AgCenter and Louisiana Beef Industry Council. The state winning posters may be used to promote beef at various events. Posters are due to the 4-H office by April 3, 2023.

Rules for 2023 4-H Beef Poster Contest

1. 2023 LBIC Beef Poster Contest Theme: Beef: A Sustainable Choice. 2. Posters must be on “22 x 28” poster board only. 3. Place your NAME, ADDRESS, AGE, GRADE & SCHOOL on back, upper right corner of poser. 4. Digital entries must be designed using one of the following programs: Microsoft Publisher, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Canva. Digital designs should be formatted for “22 x 28” poster size prints. All digital entries must be saved in high-resolution 300 DPI in ALL of the following: original design file, .png file format, and .pdf file format. Digital designs should be saved to a blank jump drive, placed in a 3 ½x 6 blank envelope labeled with NAME, ADDRESS, AGE, GRADE& SCHOOL on the front. 5. Posters and digital designs should generate positive images and promotion of beef (not live cattle production) using the indicated theme. Posters should promote beef without projecting any negative messages towards other agricultural commodities (chicken, pork, etc.). 6. DO NOT use copyrighted materials. You may develop ideas from magazines, parents, friends, nutrition bulletins, Beef Ambassador Fact Sheets and meat publications but the end concept should be original and not copied material. NO TEMPLATES may be used in the digital division. All design work must be original and from scratch, just as a poster would be designed. Pictures, clipart and materials (i.e., cartoon characters, advertisements, logos, etc.) that are copyrighted may not be used on the poster. The poster will be disqualified if copyrighted materials are used.Computer generated clipart may be used on the poster if it is not copyrighted material.

RECOGNITION AND AWARDS IN THE FOLLOWING DIVISIONS (parish contests): Division I - 4th- 6th grades, Division II - 7th -9th grades, Division III POSTER 10th - 12th grades, Digital Division - 4th - 12th grades

(Those participating in the digital division must choose to do either a poster or digital. Cannot do both.)

Awards: first place-state winning poster in each division will receive $200 sponsored by the Louisiana Beef Industry Council, second place winning posters in each division will receive $100 sponsored by the Louisiana Beef Industry, third place winning posters in each division will receive $50 sponsored by the Louisiana Beef Industry.

2023 Dairy Poster Contest

This activity will encourage youth to learn more about milk and milk products and their importance to healthy bodies, demonstrate communication skills by drawing a billboard encouraging or promoting the consumption of milk and/or milk products and share their knowledge with others. Any bonafide 4-H club member is invited to participate. Posters are due to the 4-H office by April 3, 2023.

1.Billboard design must be made on 22”x 28” regular poster board size only. 2. DO NOT ATTACH anything to the poster that is more than ½” thick. 3. Do not use the commercial brand names of products on the poster. Do not use jingles, slogans, signs or pictures that are trademark or copyright protected on the poster. 4. BE SURE to print NAME, ADDRESS, GRADE& SCHOOL on the back of the poster in the upper right-hand corner. 5. A 4-H club member is allowed to win first place in each division ONLY ONCE. 6.First place parish winning posters become the property of the Extension Service and will be displayed at statewide events.

DIVISIONS: Division I -4th, 5th and 6th grades, Division II -7th and 8th grades, Division III -9th, 10th, 11th and 12th grades.

Achievement Day Service Project

Once again, the 2022-2023 Achievement Day Service Project will be can pop tops! Remember that you can start collecting can pop tops now! All clubs will turn in the pop top donations at Achievement Day. All proceeds will go to the Ronald McDonald House in Memphis, Tennessee. Many children and their families from St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital use this location. Please feel free to get the whole school involved and put out collection jars if you would like to make some. Please note that Achievement Day 2023 will be the due date for pop tops held on March 31, 2023.

Adult Food Preservation Program

This pilot program is another partner program between The Grant Walker 4-H Educational Center with the LSU AgCenter Family & Consumer Science Department, offered at Camp Grant Walker. Featuring topics such as canning, fermentation, and smoking/drying foods and produce, this program is sure to be a hit for any individual seeking to increase their knowledge and skills in the realm of food safety & preservation. This program is a single day program scheduled for April 29th. If you are interested in attending or want more information, please email Adam O’Malley at aomalley@agcenter.lsu.edu.


Mark your calendars and join us at AgMagic for this one-of-a-kind event at the John M. Parker Coliseum (located on Highland Road near the south gates of LSU).

Do you think food, clothing, lumber, and other products only come from a store? Come to AgMagic and see and learn where your food and fiber really comes from! The LSU AgCenter's Parker Coliseum will be transformed this spring to show "AgMagic", which will take children and adults through a journey of Louisiana agriculture and economically beneficial commodities they use every day.

The AgMagic experience will be an interactive, visually stimulating environment that will link food and fiber products we use every day to the forests, field crops and livestock produced by Louisiana farmers, ranchers and forest landowners. Featured crops will be displayed in various stages of development, and the importance of interaction between agriculture, the environment, and society at large will be highlighted. This is a free event! School groups can attend AgMagic March 27-31, 2023 and AgMagic is open to the public on April1-2, 2023. For more information, and to reserve your tickets, please visit https://tinyurl.com/23AgMagic.

Calling all Superheroes in Training!

Join the Louisiana 4-H Citizenship Board on a top-secret mission to conquer your inner villains.Journey through the valleys and mountains of feelings- the highs of joy, the lows of sadness, the raging rivers of anger, and much more.You'll experience it all in the Louisiana 4-H Mental Health Retreat sponsored by the State 4-H Citizenship Board.

Registration will open February 13, 2023, on 4-H Online under the title - Mental Health Retreat - presented by the State 4-H Citizenship Board.

Two event options to choose from:

March 20, 2023 – Natchitoches, LA (10:00am-3:00pm) Lunch will be provided or April 5, 2023 – Port Allen, LA (10:00am-3:00pm) Lunch will be provided. Registration Fee - $15 per person - This fee must be submitted to complete registration.You must provide your own transportation for this event.

Please submit the registration fee to: Michelle Dry Attn: Citizenship Board Retreat 159 Knapp Hall

Baton Rouge, LA 70803. Registration deadline is March 3, 2023.

Camp Grant Walker Outdoor Olympics Camp

This Spring, Louisiana 4-H and The Grant Walker 4-H Educational Center are proud to announce the Outdoor Olympics Program to be held on March 3-4, 2023, at Camp Grant Walker! This Fri-Sat overnight program is open to all current 7th-8th grade 4-H members, and will focus on topics including healthy living, fitness, youth mental health, and nutrition. Participating youth will form teams and compete in an Olympic-themed assortment of fun and active lessons and recreational activities. Program details: Date: March 3-4, 2023. Grades: 7th-8th. Registration fee: $60. Registration deadline: February 17th. To register for this camp, please log into your 4HOnline account and search for 2023 Outdoor Olympics under the events tab. Participants are responsible for providing their own transportation to and from this camp. Program Fees should be mailed to, and received by, The Grant Walker 4-H Educational Center no later than February 17, 2023. Checks should be made payable to The LSU AgCenter, and mailed to:

The Grant Walker 4-H Educational Center
Attn: Adam O’Malley
3000 Hwy 8
Pollock, LA 71467

February Club Lesson

Learning about group dynamics is important to team success. Problem solving, critical thinking, and conflict resolution are only a few of a variety of life skills learned in group dynamics. Working together in a group to solve a problem also develops decision making and consensus building. We will learn about and practice teamwork skills at this month’s 4-H club meetings. A fun activity will get members interacting and participating as a true team.

Golden Clover Award

The Golden Clover award is for 4-H members that are 14 years of age or younger as of January 1, 2023 and have at least 2 years of 4-H club work. This award can only be won by the 4-H member one time. There is an online application that must be filled out in order to be considered. To complete the application, visit this link

https://tinyurl.com/GoldenClover. This is a parish award, and it is an honor to receive. Online applications must be completed and submitted by February 24, 2023.

Let’s go to 4-H Camp!

Wanted: Boys & Girls Grades 4th-6th

When: July 17-20

Where: Camp Grant Walker in Pollock

Cost: $175 (Food, Lodging, Transportation & t-shirt). The cost of $175 is only applicable for the first 45 females and the first 45 males. After this quota is met, youth will be placed on a waiting list, and if spots become available you will be notified. Applications & $75 deposit (non-refundable) due by March 13, 2023. We offer a Chancellor’s scholarship that is based on income. You may call our office to apply as your child might qualify to receive a $60.00 discount. Register here https://tinyurl.com/GetHookedon4HCamp

Livestock Judging Results

4th Grade:

  • 1st Jagger Smith, Estherwood Elem
  • 2nd Evelyn Bellard, Richard Elem
  • 3rd Stella Hollier, Rayne Catholic
  • 4th Amelia Zaunbrecher, St. Francis
  • 5th Bryant Meche, Rayne Catholic
  • Blue Ribbon: Charolette Dore, St. Michael

5th Grade:

  • 1st Anne-Marie Schultz, St. Michaels
  • 2nd Colton Zaunbrecher, Iota Elem
  • 3rd Ian Spaetgens, Iota Elem

6th Grade:

  • 1st Corinne Richard, St. Francis
  • 2nd Mason Smith, Estherwood Elem
  • 3rd Camille Dore, St. Michael

7th-8th Grade:

  • 1st Jaci Latiolais, OMP
  • 2nd Addison Zaunbrecher, St. Francis
  • 3rd Rebecca Wulf, Crowley Middle
  • 4th Maria Simon, St. Francis
  • 5th Maddox Zaunbrecher, St. Francis

Blue Ribbons:

  • Aubrey Bellard, OMP
  • Mary-Beth Dorr, St. Francis
  • Bryn Zaunbrecher, Iota Middle
  • Reiley Terro, OMP

9th-12th Grades:

  • 1st Ashley Clement, Midland High
  • 2nd Allen Clement, Midland High
  • 3rd Abigail Clement, Midland High

New Record Book Contest Guidelines!

Due to the reformatting of the 4-H portfolio there will no longer be a portfolio contest. Only Record Book submissions will be excepted. All entries must be submitted through the school club leader. All sections of the portfolio must be completed in order to receive a blue ribbon. The project work described in the 4-H member’s record book should be the work of the club member for the current year. You can access the new portfolio by visit our website www.lsuagcenter.com/acadia4h under the contests/ events tab. To access all of the leaflets that we offer visit this link https://tinyurl.com/4HLeaflets

Photography Contest

This year, we will host our annual Photography Contest. This is open to all 4-H members. Youth may enter one photo per category. These pictures should be mounted on 8 ½ x 11 piece of black construction paper. The 4-H'er must be the one taking the photo; therefore, they are NOT allowed to be in the photo. The photo cannot be submitted in the contest if it was already submitted in a previous year. The categories are: People Animals, Outdoor Shots, Promoting 4-H, Action Shots, Night Shots, Black and White and Agriculture. Be sure to put your name, grade, school and category on the back. All entries are due March 3, 2023, the same day as record books.

Sale Checks

Thank you, letters are due to the 4-H office, by March 3, 2023. If you exhibited a market animal this year and were in the parish livestock sale, we will begin distributing checks on April 1st pending payment from the buyer. You must come by the 4-H office to pick up your check, they will NOT be mailed. In order to pick up your check, you must have turned in thank you notes, and the buyers must have paid. Checks will only be issued between April 1st until June 15th.

Shooting Sports

4-H Southern Regional match is March 10-19th in Gonzales and Port Allen. Each participant is required to furnish their own ammunition. Parish equipment must be signed out from the office during business hours. Also, as a reminder proper safety procedure must be followed and required safety equipment must be used when competing in competitions. Remember, all competitors are required to have eye and ear protection. Those competing with firearms other than archery, are also required to have an empty chamber indicator that is bright and visible to all.

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