2022 Soybean and Grain Research and Promotion Board-funded projects

Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness: $28,500

  • Outreach and Education on Water and Soil Policy Reforms for Profitable On-Farm Soil and Water Management, Naveen Adusumilli
  • Economic Analysis of Farm Programs and Commodity Costs and Returns for Soybean and Grain Production in Louisiana, Michael Deliberto

Biological and Agricultural Engineering: $53,000

  • Fungicide Seed Treatment with Lignin Nanoparticles, Cristina Sabliov
  • Analyzing Soybean Quality with Automated Image Processing, Kevin Hoffseth

Communications: $6,500

  • Louisiana Soybean and Grain Research and Promotion Board Report, Frankie Gould

Dean Lee Research Station: $287,494

  • Soybean On-Farm Demonstration Program, David Moseley
  • Assessing Soybean Cultivars and Planting Date for Disease Management in Central and Southern Louisiana, Boyd Padgett
  • Disease Resistance and Fungicides for Disease Management in Central and South Louisiana, Boyd Padgett
  • Development of UAV Technologies for Soybean, Corn and Small Grain Crops, Randy Price
  • Evaluation of Weed Management Practices in Louisiana Soybeans, Daniel Stephenson
  • Investigation of Weed Management Programs in Louisiana Feed Grains, Daniel Stephenson
  • Evaluation of Mature Seed Damage Resistance, Fertilizer Inputs and Planting Practices to Increase Soybean Yield and Profits in Louisiana, David Moseley
  • Enhancing Field Corn Insect Pest Management Strategies for Central Louisiana, Tara Smith
  • Enhancing Grain Sorghum Insect Pest Management Strategies for Central Louisiana, Tara Smith
  • Enhancing Soybean Insect Pest Management Strategies for Central and South Louisiana, Tara Smith
  • Evaluating Agronomic Strategies to Improve Soybean Growth and Yield, Tara Smith and Andre Reis

Entomology: $107,500

  • Sustainable IPM Solutions for Louisiana Soybeans, Jeff Davis
  • Baseline Susceptibility and Resistance Monitoring of Louisiana Corn Earworm Populations to VIP3A, A Novel Insecticidal Protein in Bt Crops, Fangneng Huang
  • Documenting Field Resistance to Transgenic Corn Hybrids Expressing the Novel VIP3A Protein in Louisiana Corn Earworm Populations, Fangneng Huang

Bob R. Jones-Idlewild Research Station: $40,000

  • Development of Control Options for Feral Swine in Soybean Fields, Glen Gentry

Macon Ridge Research Station: $395,017

  • Corn On-Farm Demonstration Program, Matt Foster
  • Evaluation of Phosphorus and Potassium Applications to Commercial Corn Fields in Northeast Louisiana, Matt Foster
  • Effect of Crop Inputs on Corn and Soybean Yields in Louisiana, Rasel Parvej
  • Evaluation of Commercial Foliar Fertilization for Corn and Soybean Production in Louisiana, Rasel Parvej
  • Reevaluation of Phosphorus and Potassium Fertility at Different Soil Depths for Soybean Production in Louisiana, Rasel Parvej
  • Cultivar Evaluation, Fungicide Efficacy, Emerging Diseases and Novel Fungicide Application Methods in Corn and Wheat, Trey Price
  • Identifying and Refining Varietal, Cultural and Chemical Management Strategies for Important Biotic and Abiotic Soybean Diseases, Trey Price
  • Reaction of Selected Grain Sorghum Hybrids to Fungicide Application, Trey Price
  • Enhancing Soybean Insect Pest Management Strategies for Northeast Louisiana, Tyler Towles
  • Reevaluation of Sampling Methodology and Host Shift Patterns for the Redbanded Stink Bug in Louisiana Soybean, Tyler Towles
  • Spatial and Temporal Variation of Soil Sampling Affect Phosphorus and Potassium Recommendations for Corn and Soybean, Rasel Parvej
  • Determining Early and Late Season Impacts of Stink Bugs in Soybean, Tyler Towles
  • Evaluation of Labeled Insecticides in Stored Field Corn and Grain Sorghum, Tyler Towles

Northeast Research Station: $92,515

  • Soybean Weed Control Research in Northeast Louisiana, Donnie Miller
  • Evaluation of 30-inch Production Systems on 60-inch Beds in Corn and Soybean Production Systems, Dennis Burns

Plant Pathology and Crop Physiology: $286,743

  • Cercospora Leaf Blight Disease of Soybean — Explore New Approaches for Management, Zhi-Yuan Chen
  • Direct Double Stranded RNA Application for Managing Cercospora Leaf Blight and Rust, Zhi-Yuan Chen
  • Characterizing the Production and Spread of Inoculum and Infection Strategies for Cercospora Leaf Blight and Purple Seed Strain Pathogens, Vinson Doyle
  • Evaluation of Soybean Germplasm for Novel Sources of Resistance to Frogeye Leaf Spot and Assessment of Pathogen Race Structure in Louisiana, Jonathan Richards
  • Redesigning Fungicide Control Strategies for Cercospora Leaf Blight of Soybean, Sara Thomas-Sharma
  • Evaluation of Reniform Nematode Resistance in Soybean Cultivars Planted in Louisiana, Tristan Watson
  • Host Status of Resistant Soybean Varieties to Geographically Diverse Root-Knot Nematode Populations in Louisiana, Tristan Watson
  • Tools for the Management of Taproot Decline, Vinson Doyle
  • Evaluation of Biostimulants and Seed Priming Agents for Soybean Growth and Broad-spectrum Disease Resistance, Jong Ham
  • Evaluation of Fungicide Application Timing and Cultivar Resistance for Management of Cercospora Leaf Blight on Soybean, Sara Thomas-Sharma

Red River Research Station: $130,370

  • Soybean Breeding and Variety Development, Blair Buckley
  • Effect of Tillage System on Crop Irrigation and Evaluation of New Methods to Determine Irrigation Initiation Timing, Syam Dodla
  • Evaluation of Micronutrient Fertility to Increase Corn Yields in Louisiana, Syam Dodla
  • Fertility Loss via Soil Erosion and Runoff Water Quality from Rainfed and Irrigated Croplands, Changyoon Jeong
  • Spatial Variability of Soil Properties in Agricultural Fields, Xi Zhang

H. Rouse Caffey Rice Research Station: $64,900

  • Evaluation of Soybean Cultural and Fertility Practices in Southwest Louisiana, Manoch Kongchum and Dustin Harrell

School of Plant, Environmental and Soil Sciences: $395,500

  • Molecular Mapping and Expression Profiling for Development of DNA-Based Markers to Complement Wheat Breeding, Niranjan Baisakh
  • Small Grain Breeding, Variety Development and Testing, Stephen Harrison
  • Herbicide Resistance Screening in Louisiana Cropping Systems, Lauren Lazaro
  • On-Farm Precision Agriculture Research to Support Variety Trials, Luciano Shiratsuchi
  • Soybean Improvement through Identification and Introgression of Salt Tolerance Genes, Prasanta Subudhi
  • Foliar Treatment of Micronutrient Deficiency: Addressing Yield Gap and Disease Pressure in Field Crops Production in Louisiana, Brenda Tubaña
  • Sulfur Fertilization Updates: Application Rate, Sources and Potential of Biostimulant, Brenda Tubaña
  • Improving Grain Crop Production through Fertilization Integrated Pyroligneous Acid, Jim Wang
  • Improving Micronutrient Fertilization for Soybean Production, Jim Wang
  • Characterizing Soil Health and Yield Under Conservation Practices in Soybean and Grain Production Systems, Lisa Fultz
  • Harnessing UAV and Machine Learning Technologies to Promote Resilient Soybean and Corn Production, Tri Setiyono

Total Funding for 2022: $1,888,039

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