Practicing Portion Control

As we fast track into the New Year, we must remember to slow down and prioritize our overall health and well-being. It is important to start by implementing small changes to receive long term results. So, let's begin by following a few tips to help jumpstart our success of practicing portion control as a lifestyle change.

Be Aware of Portion Distortion

As time changes, so does the portion size of food and even the containers they are served in. This is an easy way to unintentionally overeat and increase the risk of obesity along with many other chronic diseases. The best way to be sure you aren't eating more than the recommended serving is by reading the food label or looking up the nutrition facts when eating fast food or dining at a restaurant. Another way to avoid portion distortion is meal prepping all snacks, beverages, and meals. By doing so, you can measure, weigh, and even count what you plan to eat before you eat it!

Fill Up On Water

Start all your meals and snacks with a glass of water. Filling up on water is a great approach to insure you are properly hydrated and will make you feel less hungry. Knowing the difference between hunger and thirst helps you decrease the amount you eat.

Use Smaller Plates

Research shows that the size of plates, bowls, spoons, and even glasses can influence the way we eat. Using smaller dishes and drinkware will help create a portion guide for a well-balanced meal.

Remember to simply take the process slowly. No matter how big or small the adjustment may be, we must keep in mind that long term results will not happen overnight. The secret to practicing portion control is to not restrict yourself but enjoy being creative and replace old behaviors with new healthy lifestyle changes.

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