Pointe Coupee Youth Grow Champion Pumpkins

The summer of 2021 was harsh on our budding pumpkin growers. We were inundated with rain, storms, disease, and insects. But some students were still able to pull off a successful crop. Seeds were mailed to 236 contestants in 30 parishes. In Pointe Coupee we mailed seeds to 26 participants and three students successfully grew pumpkins. Entries were turned in between the 13th to the 18th of October depending on the region. The winners are below! We are so proud of these students and hope they continue growing many crops in the future! Aubrey and Andrew Devillier successfully grew an entire patch with over 25 pumpkins. They submitted pumpkins in the following category: largest, smallest, most uniform, most unique and record project. Congratulations to Andrew and Aubrey Devillier on completing this project. This was not an easy task. Andrew and Aubrey are our Parish Winner for the largest pumpkin weighing in at 42lbs , 39 lbs, smallest at .2 lbs, most unique, and best records!

On the state level being judged on size and color the winner for most uniform pumpkin is Andrew Devillier.

For more information on our pumpkin growing contest be sure to follow along with monthly CloverChat to register in the summer of 2022.

Girl behind a pumpkin.
Pumpkins in a patch.
11/15/2021 9:18:21 PM
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