November Newsletter

Achievement Day Theme Winners

4th Grade Placings:

1st Lane Berza-Iota Elementary

2nd Vivian Siebert-Iota Elementary

3rd Liam Abshire-Morse Elementary

4th Vivian Siebert- Iota Elementary

5th Brooklyn Hollier-South Rayne Elementary

5th Grade Placings:

1st Bailey Miller- Richard Elementary

2nd Caroline Chatagnier- Richard Elementary

3rd Ashlann Francois- Richard Elementary

4th Stephanie Briceno- Richard Elementary

5th Vivian Gil- Richard Elementary

6th Grade Placings:

1st Koehen Boone- Richard Elementary

2nd Emma Murphy- Richard Elementary

3rd Gracie Briscoe- Richard Elementary

4th Lauryn Deaville-Richard Elementary

7th-8th Grade Placings:

1st Amelia Fontenot- Lucky Clovers

2nd Ryleigh Oestriecher- St. Michael

3rd Ashton Landreneau- Richard Elementary

4th Brooke May-Egan Elementary

5th Brooke May-Egan Elementary

9th-12th Grade Placings:

1st Sean Myers- Church Point High

2nd Allen Clement- Midland High

3rd Abigail Clement- Midland High

4th Ashely Clement- Midland High

Commodity Cookery & Contests Extravaganza

This is the biggest contest day that we will be offering this year! The Commodity Cookery & Contests Extravaganza will be held on Tuesday, November 23, 2021, at the 4-H office. Registration for the cookery begins at 8:30 AM. Judging and other contests will begin at 9:00 AM. Once judging begins, no late dishes will be accepted. The contests for the Commodity Cookery and Contests Extravaganza are the Commodity Cookery, Demonstrations, Journey into Jobs, Meat ID and Poultry ID. The Commodity Cookery categories are Beef: low calorie, quick and easy, one-dish meal; Seafood: shrimp, crawfish, oyster, fish, crab; Sugar: baked, non-baked; Rice: main dish, side dish, dessert; Bento.

Journey into Jobs: This contest will help you prepare for future job interviews and applications. Contestants must pre-register by filling out an application found on our website under contests/events. Applications must be turned into your club leader. Applications are division-specific based on grade (Division I: grades 4-6, Division II: grades 7-8, Division III: grades 9-12). Applications are due by November 9th. Contestants will be interviewed (Nov 23) and asked questions related to a present or future career or job. All contestants are expected to dress nice and neat to best present themselves to the judges. Questions asked by judges will be division specific. More information can be found on our website

Demonstrations: Open to all 4-H members. You can do a demonstration individually or as a team of two. Please see your club leader to register for this contest no later than November 9th. Members of a team demonstration can be from different clubs and different grades but will compete in the oldest team member's grade division. All demonstrations must be practiced and prepared prior to the contest. There is a limit of no more than two demonstrations per 4-H member and one entry per category.

Meat ID & Poultry ID: open to youth in 4th-12th grades. Youth will identify cuts of meat along with meat and poultry judging practices. Visit our website for all the rules, regulations, study guides, and forms can be found on our website.

Don't Miss Out on Jr. Leadership!

It’s not too late to join the Junior Leader Club! Come see what it’s all about! This club is open to 7th-12th grade 4-H members. This club also participates in numerous activities where members meet and make friends with other teenagers throughout the state. They also attend a fun out of state awards trip to celebrate their successes. Meetings are scheduled on the first Monday of each month at 5:30 PM at the 4-H office. The next meeting is Monday, November 1, 2021. Dues are $15 to become a Jr. Leader member. The deadline to join the club is December 6th. To join the Jr. Leadership Club, visit

How to Join 4-H

This year we are excited to announce that we have an online enrollment system to join 4-H. You will no longer complete a hard copy enrollment card. In this section, you will find the steps on how to enroll in Acadia 4-H online!

It is recommended that your parent/guardian complete the enrollment from start to finish all at one time. This should take approximately 5-10 minutes. Should you like to follow a detailed list with photos on how to enroll, please go to and select Join 4-H.

Step 1: if you have an existing account skip to member enrollment. If not go to . If you never had an account in 4-H Online, click “Don’t have an account”.

Step 2: select your state (Louisiana) and your county (Acadia) from the drop-down menus.

Step 3: Compete this section with your family information, then click the Create Account button.

Step 5: Enter in your address information, then click the Verify button (note: if you get an error message after entering your address, use google maps to locate your home address and then copy it into 4-H Online). Side note if you create a new account but an existing account is found, click Confirm and continue to Logging in with the Existing 4-H Online Account. Next section Adding a New Member to the Family this is the part where your parents enter the 4-H member.

Step 1: Confirm you are logged into the existing family account, then click on “Member List” and “Add Member.” Continue to enter in the 4-H member’s information (all items in red are required), then click Next.

Step 2: Complete the “About You” form, then click Next.

Step 3: Select your method of participation (I am applying to be a new or Club member), then click Finish. Continue to Youth and Clover kids member enrollment. Next section is Youth and Clover Kid Member Enrollment.

Step 1: Since this system is new everyone is a new member, click “Add Member” and follow the steps for adding a new member to the family.

Step 2: Select members current grade and click Next.

Step 3: Select to confirm that you would like to enroll as a Club Member.

Step 4: Click the select Clubs button your Primary Club is your school and then you can add all the other clubs you would like to join just keep repeating the steps. Select Acadia as all schools are in this county unless you are a Member at Large and attend a school outside of Acadia parish. Once you added all your clubs that you are interested in, click Next.

Step 5: Select projects if you want to do any specific projects (example: Livestock, Shooting Sports, Jr. Leaders). Repeat these steps for each project in which you are interested.

Step 6: Click “Show Questions” and complete the enrollment questions. Click the Next button at the bottom of the screen when you are finished.

Step 7: you will be required to complete consents then click the Next button at the bottom of the screen when you are done.

You are not able to pay any fees online all fees are due to the member’s school. Contact your local club leader for more information. Please skip the payment screens.

Step 8: Review the enrollment information. Once verified that the club and projects are listed correctly, click Submit button.

Congratulations, your enrollment is complete (only if you clicked submit). If you wish to add an additional enrollment for either another 4-Her or a parent volunteer, you log back in and click Add Member and follow this procedure. Need help? Watch “How to Enroll in Louisiana 4-H on 4-H Online from a Mobile Device” at

Hunter Safety Class

We are hosting a Hunter Education course for shooting sports participants on December 3-4, 2021, at the Acadia Parish 4-H office from 5-9 PM on Friday and 8 AM-5 PM on Saturday. This class is ONLY being offered for youth who are participating in shooting sports in Acadia Parish this year. Seating is limited. To register please visit

Also, lunch WILL NOT be provided. Youth will have to pack their own lunch, drinks and snacks. Youth will need to bring their own mask, highlighter, pencil and eye protection as well. *Youth that are 9 years old will receive an attendance certificate only and will have to retake the course after they turn 10 years old. Please note that all youth participating in Acadia Shooting Sports must complete hunter safety by December 31st in order to continue participating in practices. Once proof of hunter safety is provided to the 4-H office, the 4-Her can resume practicing.

Life Book Contest

A Life Book is the record of a youth’s life in his or her own words using photos, artwork, and mementos collected along the way. These journals allow youth in foster care to document their history, celebrate accomplishments, and let their talents shine! This contest is open to any 4-12th grader in Acadia Parish! The contest is to design a creative cover and assemble a Life Book for a foster care youth. Entries should be single-sided. Multiple entries will be accepted. Cover designs will be judged separately in two divisions: 4th-6th graders and 7th-12th graders. Entries are due to the 4-H Office by December 1, 2021. For instructions and Life Book pages, visit our website.

Livestock Exhibtiors

All livestock exhibitors should have received a livestock packet in the mail. If you did not receive a packet in the mail, all the information can be found at The link includes all the information you will need to show. Livestock entry forms are due to the 4-H office on December 6, 2021, by 4:30 PM. You will not be eligible to show if this is not turned in on time. Entry forms are separate from validation. If you show market or commercial animals, both have to be validated. Please call the 4-H office with any questions. Animals must be in exhibitor’s possession and validated by the following dates below. All animals can be validated by the exhibitor or parent on their own premise. The responsibility of tagging and collecting DNA hair samples will be that of the exhibitor and/or parent. Exhibitors should request a validation kit from the extension office. The validation will consist of ear tagging, pulling a hair sample & placing it in the envelope provided. Validation envelopes must be returned to the 4-H Office with the $7 fee by the deadline stated below.

Animals validated must be in the exhibitor’s name or family name. Animals tagged for the 2021 LA State Fair may utilize the State Fair tag but must still pull hair to complete the LSU AgCenter State Show validations.

Validation and Possession Dates: Com.=Commercial

Com. Does, Market Goats, Com. Lambs, Market Lambs, Com. Heifers and Com. Dairy Heifers: Possession: November 8, 2021. Validation: November 5, 2021, by 4:30 P.M.

Market Swine and Commercial Gilts: Possession: December 3, 2021. Validation: December 2, 2021, by 4:30 P.M.

National 4-H Week Display Winners

The National 4-H Week promotional contest is designed to encourage clubs to promote 4-H in their community through the design and creation of a promotional display. We are excited to announce the winners of this great competition. The 2021 winners are as follows: 4th place: Richard Elementary, 3rd place: St. Michael, 2nd place: OMP, 1st place: Lucky Clovers. The winning club will be awarded with ice cream!

November Club Lesson

Lesson 1: Choose Health: Food, Fun, and Fitness. Drink Low-Fat Milk and Water! This month we will learn more about the ingredients that make up what we drink. We will explore how to read nutrition labels on drinks and learn the drinks that we can drink every day and those that we should limit. Got milk? We will discover why milk and water are so good for us! We will play a fun game to learn which drinks are a “go” and which drinks we should “slow” down with. Then we will take a deeper look into the nutrition facts label to discover what nutrients are in the things we may drink. This month we plan to learn how to make smart choices and rethink our drink!

Scholarship Opportunities and Honor Cords

Attending college can be expensive. There are many opportunities for you to start saving money to attend. One way is through scholarships. There are several scholarships for which you may apply that will be awarded this year. Scholarships available are: Scott Tractor, Parish Livestock Show, District Livestock Show and several through the State 4-H Foundation. An email will be sent to all eligible seniors about the scholarship opportunities. If you would prefer to be mailed a paper copy, please contact the 4-H Office at 337-788-8821.

This year in an effort to recognize 4-H members who are graduating, Louisiana 4-H will offer a "4-H Honor Cord." For 4-H members to receive the 4-H Honor Cord, they must meet the following requirements: 1) must be enrolled in 4-H; 2) must be a graduating senior; 3) have been enrolled in 4-H for 3 high school years; 4) have participated in one state sponsored 4-H program in the last 3 years or show exemplary parish involvement; 5) must fill out an application form and turn it in by parish deadline date of January 26, 2022 The application can be found at

Shooting Sports

There is still time to join Shooting Sports. The new deadline without a late fee is November 9th and the absolute deadline to join with a $10 late fee is November 16th. You can find registration and forms and information on our website, or to simply join, you can join here

Shooting Sports Camp

There will be a Shooting Camp held December 10-12, 2021, in Pollock at Grant Walker Educational Facility. The camp is open to 4-H Youth ages 9-13 years old. Participants will choose one of the following: Archery, Shotgun, .22 Rifle, or Air Rifle/Air Pistol/BB (Combined). Parents and coaches are welcome to attend but it is not mandatory. The cost will be $100 per youth/per parent/per coach which will cover registration, lodging, meals, and t-shirt. All youth will be required to bring their own bow/firearm and arrows/ammo. Transportation is not provided and must be independently organized.

Please see the link below to register.

SW Region Agricultural Awareness Day

The annual LSU AgCenter Southwest Region Agricultural Career Day at the H. Rouse Caffey Rice Research Station in Rayne, LA is on December 8, 2021. The agricultural Career Day offers youth in grades 8-12 a unique opportunity to learn more about agricultural careers, research, and production. Youth will experience firsthand the basics behind agricultural production. A field tour will give an up-close look at rice production. In addition, participants will learn about potential agricultural related careers from university, research, and extension leaders. You do not have to be a 4-H member to attend. The deadline to sign up is December 1st. You can find the registration form on our website

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