Shooting Sports Information Packet

Livingston Parish Shooting Sports Calendar

Sept. 21 -- 8-11 am

Practice and sign up for returning members

Oct. 19 -- 6-8 pm

New members open house @ Walker High Pape Johns

Oct. 23 -- 8 am 4th-6th grade

10 am 7th grade and up

Practice and sign up

Nov. 20 -- 8 am 4th-6th grade

10 am 7th grade and up

Practice **LAST DAY TO SIGN UP**

Dec. 11 -- 8 am 4th-6th grade

10 am 7th grade and up


Dec. 10-12

Shooting Sports Camp @ 4-H Camp

Jan. 7-8

Hunter Education Course

Jan. 22 -- 8 am


Feb. & Mar. Practice TBA

Feb. 26-27

State Hunting Skills Competition

Mar. 7-13

Southern Region Competition.

22 Pistol & Rifle

Mar. 28- Apr. 3

Southern Region Competition

Archery, Air Pistol & Rifle, Shotgun

Apr. 25- May 1

State Competition @ WBR/Ascension Parish

June 26- July 1

National Championship @ Grand Island, NE

EBR Invitational Shoot TBA

Ascension Invitational Shoot TBA

The Livingston Parish 4-H Shooting Sports Club is very excited to begin this year’s activities! This year’s activities will be tentatively held according to the attached calendar. All participants must be a member of a parish 4-H school club or a 4-H member-at-large. The last date to join Shooting Sports for this school year will be November 20th.

Shooting sports is the fastest growing project in 4-H. It is exciting and involves activities at many different levels; from the beginner to nationally competitive shooters. We will instruct your child in the discipline they most enjoy and let them try out others if they would like. Currently Livingston Parish 4-H offers the rifle (bb, air rifle, .22), pistol (air and .22), archery, and shotgun disciplines as well as hunting skills. In order for the parish to have a discipline, there must be a certified instructor on the range. We have instructors certified in the disciplines I have mentioned; however, sometimes we must work around their schedules. When certified instructors are unable to attend the shoots, we will not practice that discipline. If you are interested in training as an instructor, please let us know. The state has trainings periodically throughout the year that we are invited to participate in.

If you choose to sign up your child in our shooting sports program, please fill out and sign all the required forms and provide us with your child’s Hunter’s Safety Education number. Also, your child should have their hunter’s safety card with them at all shoots. Hunter’s safety certification is required for all members who are 10 on or before January 1, 2022. Those without hunter’s safety cards will have the opportunity to go to classes to get one. There will be a hunter’s safety course taught in the parish the last Thursday and Friday of Christmas break. Do not wait until the last minute to sign up, spots will fill up and your child cannot compete without certification! All pistol participants (air and .22) must carry written permission to possess and fire a handgun on their person or with their handgun at all times, (this is a Louisiana law). On the following pages you will find a sample permission card that you can cut and fill out.

Along with the shooting practices offered through our club, the state will offer regional and state competitions for students that are interested. You are not required to compete at any event. However, if you do choose to compete you need to be aware that those who are successful at competitions practice at home every day to get better in their chosen discipline.

Those participating in .22 and shotgun may be required to provide their own ammunition at the practice meetings (We will provide as funds allow). As instructors we feel it is very important that every 4-H member who wants to participate in shooting sports be allowed to do so. If the sign-up fee or equipment purchase would cause a financial burden that would keep your child from participating, please see Renette Seguin. Our club has basic equipment in each discipline we offer that your child can use while practicing and we will do our best to work with your family for other expenses. Our club is funded through organizations and individuals that make donations as well as fund-raisers and your sign-up fees. Participants will be required to participate in whole group fundraisers benefitting our program.

This year’s sign-up fee is $40. This fee includes a Livingston Parish 4-H Shooting Sports Program T-Shirt, equipment maintenance, and range set up for practice. This is a non-refundable fee.

Participants that plan to compete can to purchase a competition shirt at Sport-n-Center (hat is also available through the 4-H office). (This is different from the t-shirt you will be getting with your sign-up fee).

To attend advanced meetings such as competitions:

You must have completed 8 hours of 4-H shooting sports training in each discipline you plan to compete in.

You must have completed a Hunter’s Safety training and provided us with your Hunter’s Safety number or completion certificate. (N/A if under age 10 after January 1, 2022).

Your shooting sports leaders and parents must agree that you can safely handle a firearm.

Please remember that a parent/guardian must attend each meeting with the child. No drop-offs. As a safety precaution, only 4-H members, instructors and authorized adults (parents) are allowed on the shooting range. If you bring siblings, please make sure they are supervised off the range. We appreciate your understanding and helping us keep safety as our 1st priority.

You may want to bring chairs and pop-up shade to sit under as there is very little shade on the range. Also please bring water and snacks for your family while at the range.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the 4-H office at 225-686-3020 or Renette Seguin at 225-939-3331. We are looking forward to a great year! Thank you in advance for all your help.


Renette Seguin

Livingston Parish Coordinator

We will utilize Sign-Up Genius for every practice at Kemp Farms. Mrs. Mikaela will email the link two weeks prior to each practice. You must sign-up and come at your designated time.


District matches will not be counted as practice hours. This is in accordance with district match rules. All members must attend at least 2 practices at Kemp Farms!

ATVs are not allowed at Kemps Farm.

You must be a member of Livingston Parish 4-H through your school or the parish before you can join shooting sports! Registration forms and dues must be turned in before you can enter the range!

General Participation and Safety Rules

  • Safety will be first and foremost at all times.
  • Participants are required to complete 8 hours of 4-H Shooting Sports discipline training each year in each discipline in which they want to complete. A 4-H Shooting Sports certified discipline instructor will verify hours and validate registration forms for competitions. ALL participants must come to at least 2 group practices at Kemp Farms.
  • It is the participant’s responsibility to make sure you sign in and out at the ranges.
  • While on the firing line, each team or individual must be accompanied by an adult. Participants must have a sponsoring adult who will be responsible for them at all times during all practices and competitions.
  • Instructors are responsible for handling and control of all ammunition.
  • All firearms and archery equipment must be cased and carried in a safe manner while being transported to and from the vehicle to designated areas on the range.
  • All firearms must have the action open when out of the case and/or not in use. The use of an “open action indicator” (OAI) or “open bolt indicator” (OBI) is mandatory for Air Pistol, Air Rifle, .22 Pistol and .22 Rifle. This may be purchased or made from a piece of colored weed-eater filament or similar material.
  • Arrows will not be nocked until the participant is on the firing line. The use of a hip or ground quiver is required.
  • All firearms will be pointed and bows drawn in a safe direction at all times.
  • Shooters must obey all range commands.
  • Rifles must be single loaded, except where safety would be better served and the range officer dictates. Shotgun participants must load only one shell unless the range officer instructs that doubles are to be thrown. Coaches must certify when each firearm is clear.
  • Participants must wear adequate eye and ear protection while on the firing line.
  • Ammunition will be stored so as to not be readily accessible except on the firing line.
  • All equipment will be checked to ensure it conforms to regulations, safety rules, and equipment classifications.
  • The 2021-22 Shooting Sports handbook is available on the LSU Ag Center website.
  • Participants, parents, and/or coaches violating any safety rules will be given one warning and then be disqualified from further participation if a second infraction occurs. If the safety violation is severe, a warning may not be given. Participants bringing loaded firearms will be reprimanded.
  • Any person (participant or spectator of any age) found on a range in a restricted area (on berms, behind berms, behind targets, past the firing line, etc.) will be asked to leave the range immediately.
  • 4-H rules apply!!Each participant must have a completed Parental Consent/Code of Conduct Form and Health Card in order to participate in any event.
  • All pistol participants (air and .22) MUST have a parent consent card in their possession at any 4-H event. Please use the form on a following page to make a business card size form for the 4-Her to keep with them or their pistol at all times.
  • All students, 10 years of age or older, must have a Hunter’s Education Certificate or Card acquired before January 1, 2022 to continue to participate in shooting sports. They must bring this with them to all meetings and competitions.
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