A Complete Guide to Volunteer Recognition

One of the most significant challenges that volunteer managers face is retaining a committed and engaged volunteer force. Unfortunately, while retention is one of the more discussed topics in volunteer management, research shows almost half of volunteers quit because they feel unappreciated. Because of this, recognition is and continues to be one of the more critical components of volunteer retention.

Why Do We Need to Recognize Volunteers?

Volunteers need to be appreciated and shown that they are a valuable part of the organization. Therefore, organizations develop volunteer recognition programs to increase volunteer commitment and favorably influence volunteer performance. Some of the most common ways we recognize our volunteers are through letters, banquets, professional development, gift cards, leadership opportunities, and more.

What Are Some Best Practices when It comes to Volunteer Recognition?

  • Emphasize success rather than failure
  • Deliver recognition in a personal way
  • Tailor the recognition to the unique needs of the people involved
  • Timing is important: strive for a clear connection between the accomplishment and the recognition

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