Summer 2021 Horse Letter

May 10, 2021

To: Horse Project Members and Parents

RE: Daily Care and Management, District and State Horse Show Entries

Dear Exhibitors and Parents,

It is hard to believe that we are wrapping up another school year. It has been a long and rough couple of years. We are starting to return to normal programming and activities. There was a recent horse camp and other activities to come as well. I know that many have missed our Parish Horse Club activities as well as last years’ district and state shows. The following information pertains to entering the Southwest and State Horse Shows. In order to compete at the State Horse Show, an exhibitor must enter the District Horse Show and qualify to attend the State Horse Show in the classes entered. Please review the enclosed horse entry form. A new class has been added in 2019 and continues. Goat tying all ages. Entry forms including all copies or grade horse, lease affidavit and registration papers and written permission to use a particular horse are due in the Beauregard 4-H Office by Friday, May 31, 2021.

Horse Care

As you know if you have had a horse for a while. A horse and its care can be time consuming and expensive. The care of the horse and the tack needed to ride is time consuming, sometimes tough and is very important. I have included to pieces of information related to the health and care of your horse. One is concerning the care of your horse concerning important vaccinations and timing of those vaccinations and the second is related to insect hyper-sensitivity in horses. Of course, Saddle and Tack care is important as well, but if you ride regularly, you know that. It may not be totally conclusive but should give you some knowledge concerning these items. This could prove to be good reference information or something you could share with those interested in starting a horse project.

Southwest District and State Horse Show Entry Information

It is time to enter your horses in the Southwest District and State Horse Shows. You must show your horse at the District Show to qualify for the State Horse Show. The District Show is scheduled for Thursday, July 1, 2021.It will be held at the Burton Coliseum in Lake Charles. The District Horse show is a one-day event. Pay close attention to the enclosed show schedule. All speed events will take place in the morning, with registration beginning at 7:00 a.m. – 8:00 a.m. and classes beginning at 8:30 a.m. All timed or speed events will take place in the morning and halter and performance events will follow speed events. Horses may arrive on Wednesday, June 30, 2021.There will be a stall fee if you stay overnight. Please note that if individuals want to rent a camper spot or horse stall, they will need to arrange this with Burton Complex @ 337-721-4090 prior to arrival.

The State horse show is set for July 6 - 9, 2021 at the Lamar Dixon EXPO Center in Gonzales. The State Horse Show Schedule and rules may be obtained by visiting the website. Click on Livestock Show, then Catalogues, then on 2021 4-H and FFA State Horse Show Catalog.

The rules in the state show rule book will also cover the district horse show. The District Show is a qualifying show just like the Spring District Livestock Show. Your horse must place in the upper 75% of its class to qualify to attend the State Horse Show.

To enter a particular horse, it must have been in your possession on or by April 1, 2021.If you did not have your horse in your possession before on April 1, you will not be able to show that horse at this years’ show. The horse does not have to be registered in the exhibitors’ name. It can be registered in an immediate family members name such as mom, dad, sister, brother, stepparent or stepsister or brother. A letter stating that you are caring for and have permission to exhibit this horse must accompany your horse entry for that horse. If your horse is not registered, it must have a copy of its grade horse papers sent in along with its’ entry. These grade horse papers must be obtained from the 4-H Agent or you may download them on the LSU website. Entry forms are also available on the website as well. I have included a copy with this letter. The exact rules are as follows: Animals shown by exhibitors MUST BE REGISTERED IN THE NAME OF THE EXHIBITOR OR THE NAME OF AN IMMEDIATE FAMILY MEMBER. A horse registered in the name of an immediate family member must be identified as a specific exhibitor’s project prior to April 1st of each year. Note: Immediate family members are father, mother, stepparent, brother, sister, legal guardian, stepbrother or stepsister or grandparents. Only those horses identified as the member’s horse can be shown in exhibition. The identification process must be in written form, signed by the member and his/her parents (or legal guardian), and sent to the parish 4-H agent or the chapter agricultural teacher making sure paperwork is dated prior to April 1st each year. The identification should indicate the horse’s or horses’ names, the horse’s owner and relationship between owner and exhibitor. Explain any difference in last names. Exhibitors with more than one horse may enter both horses at the district show and scratch one immediately prior to the show.4-H & FFA youth will be allowed to exhibit a leased horse. Members will be required to complete the Leased Horse Affidavit Form and turn it in to the County Agents office along with a copy of the horse’s registration or grade horse certificate by April 1st of the current show year. Exhibitors showing leased horses will be required to follow the same possession rules as all other horse exhibitors listed in the horse show catalog. Remember that lease agreements and Grade horse papers as well as letters stating that the exhibitor cares for and shows a particular horse must be dated on or prior to April 1, 2021.Copies of the grade horse form, lease Affidavit, hardship form and entry forms are included with this letter. Make sure these items are dated prior to or on April 1, 2021.At the show, you must also bring a current set of health papers and proof of a negative Coggins test within 12 months.

Enclosed you will find a copy of the District and State horse show entry sheet with the exhibitor pledge on the back of the entry and District show schedule. There must be one entry form and signed exhibitor pledge submitted for each horse to be properly entered in the District and State Horse Shows. Entries must have both the exhibitor and the parents’ signatures. Improperly completed entries will not be accepted. Entry fees for the district horse show will be $10.00 per roping and goat tying class entered. Entry fees for roping and goat tying classes must be submitted along with your entries. Roping and goat tying class entries without proper entry fees will not be accepted. Fees are due along with your entry sheet. You may make copies of the enclosed entry sheet, but the exhibitor pledge must be attached to the back of each horse’s entry. You may only show one horse per class. Therefore, for example you cannot show two horses in a roping class. You will not be allowed to add classes on the day of the District Show, therefore if you think that you will or may show a particular horse in a class, you must enter that horse in that class. You will be allowed to enter more than one horse in the same class, but you must scratch down to only one horse in the class on the day of the show. Enter each horse in any possible class they may show in. If you have two horses that you can use for the same event, you should enter both horses in that class. If one of the horses gets injured; you will still have a horse entered in that class to show. Remember that you may scratch a horse from a particular class on the day of the show, but you will not be allowed to add your horse to a particular class that it is not already pre-entered in. You as well as your parents must sign the entry and the exhibitor pledge and return it to the Beauregard 4-H office along with a copy of registration or grade horse papers and a letter stating that the exhibitor is caring for and exhibiting the horse and that it belongs to an immediate family member along with proper entry fees by Tuesday, June 1, 2021.Make District Show Entry (fees of $10.00 per roping/goat tying class entered) Checks payable to S.W. District Show.

There will also be an entry fee for the State Horse Show as well. State Show entry fees will be accessed upon arrival at the State Horse Show. These fees will need to be paid at the Show Office when exhibitors pick up their show numbers. Entry fees for the State Horse Show are listed at the top of the horse entry form and are as follows: Entry fee (per exhibitor) $40.00, Stall fee (horse or tack) $20.00 per day. Cattle or Goat fees are covered in the Exhibitor fee. Bedding will not be furnished at the state horse show. Exhibitors should bring their own bedding materials to the show or may purchase them there. I should be at the State Horse Show this year. I will also be at the SW District Horse Show.

Remember that all necessary paperwork and entry fees required for exhibition of your horse at the district and state horse shows are due in the Beauregard 4-H office by Tuesday, June 1, 2021.If you have any questions, please contact me at 463-7006.


Michael A. LaVergne

County Agent (4-H) (ES)

Beauregard Parish

Enclosures: 6



Wednesday, June 30, 2021

**Please contact Burton Coliseum directly if you want to rent camper spots or horse stalls @ 337-721-4090 and for early arrival information

Thursday, July 1, 2021

7:00 a.m. – 8:00 a.m. - Check in Timed Event Classes

8:30 a.m. Breakaway Roping 14 and Over

Breakaway Roping 13 and Under

Tie-down Calf Roping 14 and Over

Tie-down Calf Roping 13 and Under

Goat Tying 14 and Over

Goat Tying 13 and under

***Roping & Goat tying classes will only be held if more than 5 exhibitors are entered. Agents will be notified after entry deadline if classes will be held

Barrel Racing 14 and Over

Barrel Racing 13 and Under

Pole Bending 14 and Over

Pole Bending 13 and Under

Stake Race 14 and Over

Stake Race 13 and Under

8:30 a.m. – 9:30 a.m. – Check-in Halter and Performance Classes

Halter classes begin 10 minutes after speed events are finished

HALTER CLASSES (Gelding/Mares)

Quarter Horses

Appaloosa Horses

Paint Horses

Arabian Horses

AOB (Grade & Other) Horses

Miniature Horses


Showmanship 13 and Under



Showmanship 14 and Over



Special Needs Showmanship (all ages)

Ground Work 13 and Under

Ground Work 14 and Over

Break – Tack Change

Western Pleasure 13 and Under

Western Pleasure 14 and Over

Stock Horse Pleasure 13 and Under

Stock Horse Pleasure 14 and Over

Western Horsemanship 13 and Under

Western Horsemanship 14 and Over

Western Riding 13 and Under

Western Riding 14 and Over

Reining 13 and Under

Reining 14 and Over

Open Trail 13 and Under

Open Trail 14 and Over

Special Needs Trail (all ages)

Ranch Trail 13 & Under

Ranch Trail 14 & Over

Break – Tack Change

Hunter Under Saddle 13 and Under

Hunter Under Saddle 14 and Over

Hunt Seat Equitation 13 and Under

Hunt Seat Equitation 14 and Over

*Check-in involves -Checking health and coggins papers

Checking entries to make sure the horses are in the correct classes

Scratching entries not competing in

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