Ascension 4-H Clover Column- February 2021

Ascension 4-H Clover Column- February 2021

Calendar of Events:

District Livestock Show

11- State Rabbit Show Entry Deadline

11- Mardi Gras T-Shirt Design Contest Submission Deadline

11- Valentine’s for Veterans cards Due to Office

13-20- State Livestock Show

15- Senior Scholarship Deadline

16- Mardi Gras Holiday- Office Closed

18- Home & Style Meeting; Virtual

22- Beef Cookery Contest Drop Off

24- Virtual Clover Update, 6pm


6- State Rabbit Show

9- Mondart Scholarship Deadline

11-13- Junior Leader Conference

29- Seafood Cookery Contest Drop Off

Look for information to be released on upcoming summer oportunitites!


13- Competitive Record Book Submissions Due to Office

4-H Golden Clover Award &
Emerald Achievement Awards

The 4-H Golden Clover Award and Emerald Achievement Award in Louisiana give recognition to 4-H Club members who have shown outstanding leadership ability in their club and their parish. The object of the program is to encourage project growth and recognize 4-H club members who have shown outstanding leadership ability. If you are active in your club or on a parish level, please consider applying. Applications for these awards are due to the 4-H office on February 15, 2021. A club member may win the award only one time. Members in 6th-12th grades may be eligible to apply. Visit the awards section at for an application.

Valentine’s for Veterans

Show the residents of the SE LA Veterans of War Home some love by creating a special Valentine card. Decorate the card with inspirational quotes and thanks for their service. Cards can be dropped off at the 4-H office until February 11th.

Mardi Gras T-Shirt Design Contest

Express your Mardi Gras Mambo flare and create your own Mardi Gras shirt for the Annual Ascension 4-H Mardi Gras Shirt design contest. Normally, this contest takes place at the Mardi Gras Masquerade Fashion Show, however, due to COVID, instead of modeling your shirts, we are going to create a video of all the designs to post in the virtual Fashion Show that will take place on social media. To participate in the Mardi Gras T-Shirt Design Contest you must submit 3 clear pictures of the decorated shirt to by February 11th.

The contest rules/guidelines are:

A solid t-shirt of any color should be used by the 4-H member to create the shirt design. The design must be age-appropriate.

All items must be permanently attached (to where they won’t easily fall off) hot glue, etc.

Be creative; Only one entry per person.

Graduating Seniors- Scholarships

Seniors, there are lots of scholarships out there for you through 4-H! By completing the State 4-H application, you will be entered for a chance to win any of the state 4-H scholarships, the local State 4-H Foundation Scholarship, the Ascension 4-H Foundation scholarships, and the locally awarded Scott Tractor Foundation scholarship. Be sure you are in contact with the 4-H office so you are not missing out on these opportunities! We have money that we want to give away!!! February 15th at 4:30 pm is the deadline for this scholarship application to be turned into the Extension Office. Contact the office if you have not already received the application.

The Mondart Scholarship is a $1,000.00 renewable scholarship opportunity for those freshman entering the LSU College of Agriculture. The submission deadline is March 9th. Please contact for details.

Record Books

Be on the lookout to receive your project book/activity guides and portfolios this month, if you have not already received them! We have been bringing them to the schools for distribution. The digital portfolio and records sheet can be found at All members at large can stop by the office to pick up your books. Please call ahead to be sure someone is at the office. We plan to have our traditional record book contest again this year. The deadline for record books to be submitted to the Ascension office is April 13th.

Junior Leadership Conference (JLC)- 8th-12th Graders

There is limited seating capacity for the “Walk Your Way to Leadership” Junior Leadership Conference Experience. JLC is a high quality, fun leadership camp planned and put on by the Louisiana State 4-H Executive Board. If you are interested in increasing your leadership skills, service learning, teamwork, and networking with other 4-Hers from across the state then this is the camp for you! Different activities are being presented in the areas of healthy living, SET, animal science, citizenship, and leadership. Each parish is allowed to register 4 participants on a first-come, first-serve basis. This is a one-day event, and you can choose your date and location until spots are filled; March 11-Shreveport, March 12- Alexandria, and March 13- Baton Rouge. Transportation will not be provided. Email to get information to reserve your spot.

Cookery Contest-

Although we have had to make some major changes to our cookery contest this year, we are excited to incorporate some new components!! Due to COVID restrictions, we will not be taste testing your dishes, but don’t worry your hard work will still shine in several different ways! For each of your monthly contest entries, you will need to take pictures before (ingredients), during (3-action shots), and after (2-shots) you have completed your dish. You will need to submit your recipe and a short summary about the experience of cooking your dish. From this point, the entries will be judged and the judges will choose the top three from each age category. If there is a tie that needs to be broken the parents will be contacted to set up an interview with the contestants. (Phone or virtual) The fifth monthly contest will be the Beef Cookery! You can find detailed guidelines and explanations on our website under contests at or on the Bento Box Events page on Facebook! The entry deadline is February 22nd.

4-H Remind Updates

Stay connected with Ascension 4-H by joining the Ascension 4-H Remind by Texting “@ascp4h” to 81010 or join online at

Clover Updates- Virtual Parish Meetings

We realize some schools may not be able to offer monthly 4-H meetings due to COVID guidelines and restrictions. We will offer a monthly virtual Clover Update. February’s update will take place at 6 p.m. on the 24th. This will be an opportunity for 4-H members to tune in to a monthly 4-H meeting with the 4-H agents, Mrs. Camille and Mrs. Stephanie, to get updates, talk about upcoming Ascension 4-H opportunities, and participate in the monthly 4-H Science Lab activity that will be presented at school club 4-H meetings. You can access the virtual Clover Update through the info below or the link posted on and social media. Read further for next month’s educational activity & supplies to be prepared for the Clover Update.

Click here to Join Microsoft Teams Meeting

Or call in +1 225-614-2374 United States, Baton Rouge (Toll)

Conference ID: 962 328 264#

Clover Update- Educational Activity and Supplies

This year the Agents will be presenting 4-H Science Lab lessons as the club meeting educational focus. For those virtual students who may not be able to attend their school club meetings and members at large to be able to participate in these monthly lessons, we will include the supplies and information about the activity in the newsletter for 4-H members to participate at home. Each month, the Agents will conduct a virtual update for you to attend and complete the lesson during this meeting. You will have the opportunity to watch the demonstration, then complete the activity at home!

February’s Science Lab Activity: Food Science- Making Butter

Supplies Needed: 2 tbsp of heavy whipping cream, 2-ounce plastic condiment container (or any small container with a lid), and paper towels (salt, crackers & butter knife- optional)

March’s Science Lab Activity: Plant Science- Living Necklace

Supplies Needed: Small jewelry size Ziploc bag, 30” piece of yarn, cotton ball, bean, water

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