4-H Shooting Sports

The State 4-H Shooting Sports contests is set for April 13-18, 2021.Each participant must have 10 hours of instruction and range time. For more information contact Mr. Mike at 463-7006.The Southern Region Contest is March 16-21, 2021, in Gonzales and West Baton Rouge. Practice and field day will be held on February 20th 8-11 a.m. Field Days for March and April will be announced. Registration forms and payment for the Southern Region Contest are due in the Beauregard 4-H Office by February 10, 2021.

Attention Horse Exhibitors

April 1st is the possession deadline for horse projects. Registered horses must be registered in the name of the exhibitor or immediate family member on or before April 1st.Documentation on horses that are in an immediate family member’s name must be in the 4-H Office by April 1st.Grade horse exhibitors will be required to fill out a form and supply a picture of the horse by April 1, 2021.This grade horse form and further information pertaining to the horse project and show dates will be mailed to horse exhibitors in March. If you are planning on showing a horse for the Summer Shows, please contact Mr. Mike by e-mail at mlavergne@agcenter.lsu.edu or by phone at 463-7006 with your name, number and type of horses and address by Monday, March 1, 2021.

Attention: 4-H University

Things are different as we all know. We are having to conduct events in a different manner with current health situations. Last year we conducted this event as a virtual event. We are currently waiting for contest specifics to determine how it will be conducted this year. Those 4-H Members 8th grade and above have the opportunity to attend State 4-H University set for June 22-25, 2021 either virtual or on the LSU Campus in Baton Rouge. In order to attend, you must be a currently enrolled 4-H member and have participated in our 2020-21 4-H Field Days, Achievement Day and 4-H program. Members may participate in one contest at 4-H University. Participants winning a particular contest in parish contest will have the first opportunity to represent Beauregard Parish in that contest at 4-H University. Some contests are individual, and some are team. State winning participants in contests will have an opportunity to win expense paid education trips and possibly monetary prizes.(Those wishing to run for a state 4-H Office must apply the State 4-H Office by April 12.Please talk to Mr. Mike if you are interested in attending 4-H University or running for a State 4-H Office). We will try to have a 4-H U Delegate Meeting Thursday, April 29, 2021 at 5:00 Fairgrounds. Watch the Facebook page for more announcements.

4-H Legislative Day at the Capitol

Make your plans now to participate in the 4-H Legislative Day scheduled tentatively for June 2, 2021 in Baton Rouge. We are hoping to have this event this coming summer. Meet your State Representatives and Senators at the State Capitol and participate in educational activities. Contact the 4-H Office and let us know if you are interested in participating in this activity By April 29th.

Graduating Seniors

Graduating Seniors have the opportunity to apply for a list of State 4-H Scholarships as well as a couple of Beauregard Parish 4-H Foundation Scholarships. Your school Counselor and 4-H leader has the electronic link or form for the Portfolio that is required to be completed and submitted to apply for state scholarships. The application states that they are due in Baton Rouge by March 5th.They must be submitted to the Beauregard 4-H office preferably electronically to be evaluated and Mr. Mike will need to submit applications to the state by due date. To apply for Beauregard 4-H Foundation and the Scott Truck and Tractor Scholarship; Seniors must submit at least a portfolio but preferably a completed record book by Tuesday, April 13, 2021.Information on the Beauregard Cattleman’s Association Scholarship should be shared in the near future. For more information on scholarships or to receive the Portfolio form, email Mr. Mike or contact your school leader or counselor.

4-H Summer Camp

Slogan: Catch Your Dreams 4-H Camp 2021

At the current time the status and schedule of 4-H Camp is to be determined. Due to Storm damage, the Camp facility is being repaired and due to Covid-19 restrictions camp activities and schedule may be altered. If interested in attending 4-H Camp, please email Mr. Mike at mlavergne@agcenter.lsu.edu and we will send you more camp information when we receive it. Schedules may be shortened, and cost may increase. For first chance to attend 4-H Camp, members do not have to attend Achievement Day to attend 4-H Camp. Tentative Camp dates: June 28th - July 2, 2021 cost $50.00 deposit due by March 15th. The total cost of camp is approximately $185.00 which includes pictures and t-shirt. The remainder of camp fees will be required by June 1st.Don’t miss your chance spaces will be limited!

2021 Achievement Day

May 5, 2021 - Tentative - Virtual event

Beauregard Parish Fair Grounds

The Theme will be “4-H Roundup

Record Books are due in the 4-H Office no later than Tuesday, April 13, 2021.Portfolio information and Outstanding forms will be distributed in February and March 2021.We hope to have links for the portfolio, Outstanding and other forms posted on Facebook and our webpage in the near future. At the current status, it looks like we will not be able to conduct a live event, therefore we plan to conduct some type of virtual event to recognize our deserving 4-H members. We still plan to have some type of club educational presentation for exhibits, name tag design, electronic banner and some type of video yell contest. We will still have the Club Scrapbook contest as well. Details to come.

Record Book Tips

Record Book Due Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Don't let these books go unopened!

4-H projects and records are a very Big part of your 4-H Club work. The following tips should help you in your 4-H pro­ject work:

  1. Keep 4-H materials in a special place: a box, drawer, etc.
  2. Set aside some time each month to work in your books and to make plans for the next month's activities.
  3. Keep a notebook of all 4-H events you participate in. Write down anything you see/do that is related to 4-H.
  4. Record all 4-H meetings you attend and programs you see, as well as other youth you have assisted.
  5. Have someone take several pictures of you when you do a 4-H activity. Keep the pictures with your project books.
  6. Turn in your project books in the form of a record in February or when asked for by your leaders.

For Judging; Record Books, participation forms and Outstanding 4-H member applications will be due in the 4-H Office on April 13, 2021.The last date to qualify books or participation forms to attend Achievement Day is Friday, April 16, 2021. More specific detailed rules to be distributed and posted on 4-H Leader Google classroom in February and March 2021 as well as links posted on the lsuagcenter/beauregard.com webpage and Beauregard4-H facebook page. Students and parents may pick up project books and hard copies of the portfolio at the 4-H Office. Hours are 8-4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. Portfolio’s may be accessed through the LSU AgCenter.com website. It may be downloaded and completed electronically and printed to be submitted with your project book.

Seed of the Month Club

We have many students participating in the Seed of the Month Club that have already planted Lettuce, Carrots, Radish and pine trees. Our plant for February is the Sweet Potato. Sweet Potatoes are a large Agriculture commodity in Louisiana. Many in Beauregard Parish grow sweet potatoes in their garden. Sweet Potatoes are planted a little differently by producing vegetative slips from a potato and these slips are planted in prepared soil. Seed Potatoes will be available at 4-H meetings and at the 4-H Office. Information regarding Sweet Potatoes and a planting guide are included in the module. For those currently participating in the Seed of the Month Club; Please send me pictures of your project process at mlavergne@agcenter.lsu.edu.

Bee Keeping Essay Contest

Theme: "Threats to Bee Colonies and Methods to Defend Against the Threats."

Due Date to the State: due March 8, 2021

Additional information on the topic: Honeybee colonies have developed many ways to stay healthy. Their immune responses range from behaviors such as grooming to using materials such as propolis, a plant-derived substance bees coat on the interior of a hive for antimicrobial purposes. Even the gut of the honeybee contains beneficial bacteria to help the bee stay healthy!

In your essay, name at least two threats (a parasite such as Varroa, a pathogen such as a virus, a predator such as a bear, etc.) to honeybee colonies and then discuss the methods colonies use to defend against the threats. If possible, include at least one picture you have taken from Feb. 2020-Feb. 2021 that illustrates how colonies manage to stay healthy against a variety of threats. We look forward to receiving your entries. Essays may be submitted directly to Baton Rouge to Ms. Crystal Ahrens at cahrens@agcenter.lsu.edu.

State Contest Sponsor: Louisiana Beekeepers Association

Cash Prices and Plaques to 3 Top Winners:

1st Place - $100, 2nd Place - $75, 3rd Place - $50

National Contest Sponsor: The American Beekeeping Federation, Inc. and the Foundation for Preservation of Honey Bees, Inc.

Cash Prices and Plaques to 3 Top Winners:

1st Place - $750, 2nd Place - $500, 3rd Place - $250

Virtual Cookery Contest (4-H Chef)

Presentation and recipe due Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Due to Current Covid-19 mandates the open display and tasting/judging of food dishes is not allowed. With this status; in order to give our 4-H members the opportunity to participate in a cookery contest, we are conducting a virtual contest. It will be based on your presentation skills, food safety practices and following a recipe. Members will purchase their dish ingredients, prepare their dish following the recipe. Your family will get to enjoy the fruits of your efforts. The due date to submit your presentation and recipe is Wednesday, March 31, 2021.

How to Enter:

  • Email a video or ‘picture story’ of you (the 4-H member) cooking a dish along with a recipe to mlavergne@agcenter.lsu.edu
    • What is a ‘Picture Story’? A picture story is multiple pictures that tell the ‘story’ of how you made your dish.
    • Videos and ‘Picture Stories’ should include ingredients, cooking process, and finished products
  • Include the following in the subject line: ‘4-H Chef’
  • Include the following within the email:
    • 4-H member’s name
    • School/4-H Club and grade
    • Judging Category (Egg Dessert, Any Beef Dish, Pecan Candy/Dessert, Any Rice Dish or Any Sweet Potato Dish)
  • Entries are due via email by Wednesday, March 31st by 4:30 P.M.
  • Egg Dessert (Dish must contain at least 4 eggs. Can be 4 yolks, 4 whites or 4 whole eggs. No raw eggs will be allowed in final product.)
  • Any Beef Dish (Dish must contain at least one pound of beef meat.)
  • Pecan Candy/Dessert (Dish must contain at least one cup of pecans.)
  • Any Rice Dish (Dish must contain at least one cup of cooked rice.)
  • Any Sweet Potato Dish (Dish must contain at least one cup of sweet potatoes.)



  • You may enter one dish in each category.
  • There will be an Elementary Division for 4th-5th graders, Junior Division for 6th-8th graders and a Senior Division for 9th-12th graders in each of the five categories (egg, beef, pecan, rice and sweet potato).

Scoring Guidelines:

  • Presentation (50 points) – List of ingredients given identifying featured commodity. Documented cooking process. Showcased finished product. Information was clear and easy to understand. Objects in pictures or videos were easy to see and free of distracting backgrounds.
  • Recipe Evaluation (20 points) – Name of recipe given. List of ingredients in order used in instructions. No brand names, only common fractions for measurements, no abbreviations, size and weight of cans/packages stated. Clear instructions given including cooking temperature and time, number of servings, size of pans/pots, concise sentences.
  • Appearance of Finished Product (10 points) – Visually appealing (coloring, eye appealing, pleasing appearance, symmetry of form).Appropriate use of garnishing.
  • Food Safety (20 points) – Cleanliness. Safe practices such as avoiding cross contamination, cooking to the right temperature, keeping food separate until ready to cook or serve, etc. Proper knife and/or utensil usage.
  • Total of 100 points – In the event of a tie for 1st place, the recipe score will be used to determine the winner.

Livestock Exhibitors / ATTN: Thank You Note Rule Change

Reminder Market Animal Exhibitors. If you have not written a thank you note, please do so immediately. The original Thank You Note needs to be mailed to the Your Buyer and a copy of the note mailed to Beauregard Livestock Assoc. The address is P.O. Box 1582, DeRidder LA. The Association will not deliver pictures to the buyers. It is Your responsibility to send your buyer a picture and a thank you note. Once Thank You Notes are received, the Expo Treasurer will send your payment check once your buyer has paid.

Louisiana 4-H Draw a Dairy Billboard Contest

Demonstrate communication skills by drawing a billboard encouraging or promoting the consumption of milk and/or milk products. Use a 22” x 28” poster board to illustrate billboard design. Share their knowledge with others. Sponsors: Co‑sponsors are the Louisiana Dairy Industry Promotion Board and the Louisiana Cooperative Extension Service. There are Three divisions: I 1st ‑ 4th, 5th and 6th grades; II 7th and 8th grades; III 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th grades

1.Billboard design must be made on 22” x 28” poster board ONLY.

2.Do Not Attach anything to the poster that is more than 1/2” thick.

3.Do not use the names of commercial brand name products on the poster. Do not uses jingles, slogans, signs or pictures that are trademark or copyright protected on the poster.

4.Be sure to print name, address, grade in school and parish on back of the poster in the upper right‑hand corner. Posters are due to the 4-H Office no later than Friday, March 12, 2021.

5.First place parish winning posters will be sent to the State competition.

Coop Conference

March 25-26, 2021
Camp Hardtner, Pollock, LA.
Has Been Cancelled

Personal Development

As we navigate our lessons regarding to personal development, we grow as a person by the experiences we have and the relationships that we make. So far, we have navigated various aspects leading to our personal development. One thing that we often forget about that is crucial to personal development is “Motivation”. Motivation means being ready and willing to do something. The choices you make each day tell us how motivated you are to get things done. This is called self-motivation. This can be anything from homework, chores, practice and will lead to work life as adults.

As we get older and mature, another aspect of personal development is targeting Citizenship. According to Webster’s dictionary, citizenship is defined as the state of being given the rights, privileges and duties of a citizen. So, what exactly is a Citizen? A citizen is a native or naturalized member of a state or nation who owes allegiance to its government and is entitled to its protection.

Preparing to go out in the world and take care of ourselves and others is a big part of personal development. Many of us serve and like serving others. It is important to understand the difference between Community Service and Service Learning. Part of our 4-H pledge is pledging our hands to larger service. Our Senior members will discuss these differences, philanthropy and PARC in Service learning.


Michael A. LaVergne
County Agent (ES) (4-H)
Beauregard Parish
(337) 463-7006

Beauregard Parish Cooperative Extension Service Extension Programs

203 W. 3rd Street
DeRidder, LA 70634
Phone: (337) 463-7006 / Fax: (337) 463-7007
E-mail: mlavergne@agcenter.lsu.edu
LSU AgCenter Website

4-H Youth Programs

It is the policy of the Louisiana Cooperative Extension Service that no person shall be subjected to discrimination on the grounds of race, color, national origin, gender, religion, age, or disability. If you have a disability which requires special assistance for your participation in the meetings or activities, please call the Beauregard Parish Extension Office at (337) 463-7006.

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