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You Can Do This!

That is right, we are already at the start of a New Year! This time of year, families typically set new goals to live and lead healthier lifestyles. With that in mind, this year strive to set goals that are unique to you and your family. Setting new health and wellness goals may be a challenge for some people, but for others this may be less difficult.

Here are a few suggestions to help you. For example, if your child has been reluctant to try a new fruit or vegetable, help your child to come up with a goal of trying one new vegetable and fruit a month. A fun and creative way to do this would be to put the names of the new fruits and vegetables in a jar and let your child draw. Did you know that all forms of fruits and veggies matter? This includes fresh, frozen, canned, dried, and 100% juice. Yes, it is easier than you think to get the recommended amount.

Also, set new goals to include more physical activity for you and your family. All adults should avoid inactivity. Some physical activity is better than none. When children see their parents engaging in fun, exciting physical activity, they are more willing to get moving as well. Make physical activity fun! Parents should ensure that they are providing their children with age appropriate ways to be physically active daily. Set-up a small obstacle course with things you have at home and offer prizes of fresh fruit as a nice reward for their full participation. Here are some ideas for setting up your obstacle course.

  • A jumping rope station
  • Hula Hoop station
  • Jumping jack station
  • Weightlifting station (use canned goods as weights)
  • Sprinting station

Given these points, make this new year count! Set your goals and put them in place. Ready, Set, Go!

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