Patti Rodrigue

Patti Rodrigue, St. John Parish

Mrs. Patti has served as a 4-H club leader for 35 years. She is a member of the St. John Parish 4-H Foundation Board, the Parish Advisory Committee, and serves as a judge for all parish contests.

Patti Rodrigue made significant contributions to the 4-H program in St. John parish through community service projects, field trips, and coordination of regional and state events.

In addition to her dedicated work with 4-H, she is also very passionate about Agriculture and works with the Farm Bureau “Ag in the Class” program. Through this program she has recruited several 4-H club leaders in St. John to attend the workshops and receive training on how to develop a successful “Ag in the Classroom” program. She also works with the Fast Food Farm in St. James parish by coordinating various 4-H Field trips and Farm camps, enabling youth to get hands-on learning on how Agriculture affects their everyday lives.

In addition to being instrumental in the St. John Parish 4-H program's success, Mrs. Rodrigue was recognized for her work with the LSU AgCenter Mitigation Project in which a flood protection berm was built around East St. John High School.

Please join us in welcoming Mrs. Patti Rodrigue to the Louisiana 4-H Hall of Fame!

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11/10/2020 7:27:14 PM
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