LA Delta Crop Podcast Interview with Kylie Miller

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The Louisiana Delta Crop Report Podcast is a show created by Kylie Miller, Dennis Burns, and R.L. Frazier. In this podcast, a wide variety of topics are discussed regarding agriculture in the Northeast Region. In order to find out more about the show, Camryn Price, of the LSU AgCenter, interviewed Miller and asked how the podcast got started. “It all started three years ago during a conversation with Dennis Burns while working the Ag Expo,” said Miller. “We were talking about different podcast programs we liked to listen to.” Taking inspiration from other podcasts, Miller and Burns decided that it would be a great opportunity to start one.

Their first podcast was a conversation with Dr. Josh Copes about cover crops in the Northeast Region. Since then, these extension agents have released over 50 episodes of the Louisiana Delta Crop Report. Their content began as a report only for East Carroll, Madison, Tensas, Catahoula, and Concordia Parishes; however, it has grown into an information center for all things concerning agriculture in the entire Northeast Region.

When asked about other ways the podcast has evolved in the past year, Miller talked about the other platforms that the team has explored and cultivated. “Overtime, we have moved from not only using the podcast to share information, we have an active Twitter account and YouTube channel.” The Louisiana Delta Crop Report Twitter (@ladeltacrop) has over 350 followers and continues to grow. Many people in agriculture follow their account to receive important news and information from the Northeast Region.

The content that Miller, Burns, and Frazier include in the podcast ranges from discussions with researchers about current crop conditions to conversations about horticulture news. Miller cited communication within the agriculture community as an important objective when producing content for the podcast. Miller explained, “Our goal is to maintain that agent to grower line of communication. We understand that people are busy, and we want to be your link to get the answers you need in whatever format you want.” Not only do they want to share important information, but they also want to make it as convenient as possible for those in the community.

When asked what she liked doing most while producing the media, Miller said her favorite part was creating the content. “We are always thinking ahead for new topics and ways to deliver it.” Miller, Burns, and Frazier have not slowed down in producing agriculture news, as can be seen by the array of content displayed on the Louisiana Delta Crop Report’s podcast, YouTube channel, and Twitter account. “Content could be sharing a research article, promote upcoming meetings, or even as small as sharing what we do every day,” said Miller.

Miller also discussed how important the podcast listeners’ voices have been when creating content. “We are always trying to adapt to the needs of our listeners. They are really the driving force that outlines what we try to do.” Price ended the interview by asking what listeners could expect next from the Louisiana Delta Crop Report podcast. Miller shared, “We hope to bring on new guest speakers and share and promote all the great research work done by our agents and state specialist.” To listen to upcoming episodes, search for the Louisiana Delta Crop Report podcast on your preferred podcast platform.

10/29/2020 4:10:00 PM
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