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GROW Louisiana is training program for beginning horticulture and specialty crop farmers on small to mid-size family farms in Louisiana with less than 10 years of experience. Specifically, the program seeks to assist farmers interested in engaging in sustainable agricultural practices and local food systems via a mixed methods approach of academic training, hands-on application, and farmer networking. Led by the LSU AgCenter, Grow Louisiana is a partnership of academic, cooperative extension and non-profit personnel with an interest in supporting a more sustainable local food system.

Mission: To diversify Louisiana agriculture by increasing the number of fruit, vegetable, and other specialty crop growers providing quality products to their local food system.

Vision: To serve as a sustainable state-wide agricultural education program for new and beginning horticulture and specialty crop farmers in Louisiana that provides technical, business, and hands-on training opportunities and support.

The GROW model offers new and beginning farmers training in whole-farm planning, including business and technical production management, resources, support, and mentoring based on the following principles:

  • Grow Sustainably: Grow Louisiana not only trains farmers to use sustainable agricultural practices, but also provides training to farmers in sustainable business practices for long-term success.
  • Resource Optimization: Grow Louisiana prepares farmers to make use of available resources to support their needs to achieve established goals.
  • Objective Decision Making: Grow Louisiana trains farmers to make decision based on objective information, which is fact-based, measurable, and observable.
  • Work Efficiently: Grow Louisiana trains farmers to use efficient production and business practices that allow them to attain the highest returns on investment, effort, and production.
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