What's Happening in July?

It's July. We are waiting patiently to celebrate the 4th. But what about other fun, wacky, unusual, strange or theme days that can be celebrated in this month. There are many reasons to have a little fun and excitement. Now that we are slowly moving outside of our homes, the sun is shining brightly, create traditions that will strengthen the family relationship and help reconnect with friends. Here are some fun day themes. What will you have to eat? What will you do?

  • July 1- Canada Day
    Prepare a healthy Canadian dish. Try oven fried French fries.
  • July 2-Forgot Day
    Drink more water today. Make up for the days that you did not drink enough.
  • July 4-Independence Day
    Add excitement to the outdoor celebration with an American flag vegetable tray.
  • July 6-Hop a Park Day
    Explore a park in your area. You can choose to walk, hike, or run.
  • July 10-Teddy Bears’ Picnic Day
    Go outside and have a picnic with your favorite people. Don’t forget to bring a teddy bear.
  • July 14-Macaroni and Cheese Day
    Prepare a bowl of whole wheat pasta with low fat cheese.
  • July 20-World Jump Day
    Everyone in the family plan to jump simultaneously. Make sure to plan how long to jump.
  • July 21-Ice Cream Day
    Enjoy a scoop of low-fat ice cream with friends.
  • July 25-Merry Go Round Day
    Make a big circle around your neighborhood on your bicycle.
  • July 27-Dance Day
    Put music on and dance throughout the day.
  • July 28-Water Park Day
    Have a water balloon toss with family at the park.
  • July 29-Rain Day
    Enjoy a delicious meal with a food that depends on rain to grow.
  • July 30-Chicken and Waffles Day
    Prepare oven fried chicken and whole wheat waffles
  • July 31-Avocado Day
    Add a delicious avocado to your menu

Create other fun and innovative things to do for each day. Remember to think of something that is healthy to eat and fun to do. For we know that eating and physical activity habits can have an impact on our health.

Reference: Humor at Work, 2019.


Family enjoying a fun day.

7/2/2020 4:37:27 PM
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