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It is almost time to head back to school. Everyone is planning daily routines around the new school year. There are many things to consider such as the expectations for the new grade, what new supplies or clothing will be needed, how to practice social distancing and possibly the transition to a new school. As you plan, why not consider new behaviors. This year, plan ways to incorporate eating healthier and moving more into your daily routine. Plan to incorporate the following:

1. Always eat breakfast.

For children to function properly at school, they need nutritious meals to fuel their bodies. Each day should begin with breakfast. If they do not have time from eating at home, plan something on-the-go.

2. Snack only on healthy food choices.

Most times when one thinks of snacks, they think of junk food. That should not be the case. It is actually very easy to prepare a healthy snack. Simply cut up different varieties of fruits and put them in a container. If you do not feel like having them in a container, you can always blend them up with some low-fat yogurt and some 100% percent fruit juice to make a nice nutritious smoothie.

3. Include everyone when planning and preparing meals.

It is very common to pick up unhealthy foods at fast food restaurants because it is fast and convenient. There is a simpler way to resolve this problem. Choose two days out the week to prepare healthy meals that will last the whole week. Involve the entire family in the preparation.

4. Include all five food groups.

Make sure your meals are colorful. By varying what you prepare, you will ensure that the food includes all five food groups.

5. Be physically active each day.

Make sure the children partake in physical activity for a minimum of 60 minutes daily. No, exercising is not the only way to achieve this goal. 60 minutes of physical activity could include dancing while tidying up the house or even working in your garden.

These are just a few tips to consider when planning to return to school. Remember to eat right, exercise, and stay safe!

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