The Bare Necessities Challenge: Presented by the Louisiana 4-H LYFE Program

The Situation:

Your phone just rang… When you answered, the President of the United States introduced himself. He explained that if everyone in the world used as many resources as we do, we would need another four planets to survive.

The President explained that you have been selected to participate in an experiment, because of your exceptional resourcefulness and mad skills.

The experiment will involve sending you to a different planet. The new planet has a healthy atmosphere, so there is clean air for you to breath. There is gravity, like Earth, so you won’t float away- and no aliens have been spotted.

You will be given a six-week supply of food and water, but you may be on the new planet for an entire year.

You will be leaving in the next 30 minutes, so you must pack your bags now.

The Challenge:

  • Visit the following link:
  • Take 5 minutes to move your top 12 ‘need,’ items to the middle section…the items that they feel are most essential for survival.
  • T-minus 2 minutes for ‘lift off,’ and the spaceship is not big enough to transport you and all of your items! You have to drag your top 4 items to the very top row.

The Bare Necessities Challengepng

The Solution:

Learn more about potential solutions by reviewing the following guide!

Most likely, your remaining items will include:

  • Water
  • Seeds
  • Fertile Soil
  • Some food source (usually chickens)

The Why:

More than a billion people on Earth do not have access to the 4 bare necessities that we just decided on. Can you imagine what it’s like to live without these basic things?

Fortunately, we don’t actually have to travel to a different planet today. We can stay here and make decisions to take care of the resources on this planet, so it can sustain future generations.

Each day, we get to make survival choices between our ‘needs’ and our ‘wants.’ Identifying your needs and your wants can help you to save and spend your money intentionally. It can also help to insure that you will have the money that you need to purchases the necessities.

‘Needs’ are essential for survival. Whereas, ‘wants’ are things that make life more interesting and fun.


5/26/2020 2:33:00 PM
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