Spring 2020 Livestock News

Spring 2020 Livestock News May 15, 2020

To: Beauregard Livestock Exhibitors and Parents

RE: 2020 Watermelon Show, 2020 State Fair, 2021 LSU Show, Understanding Drug Use Regulations

Dear Exhibitor and Parents,

2020 Beauregard Watermelon Festival Show:

Even though the Watermelon Festival has been cancelled, we are still planning on having the livestock shows. We will continue to work with State and Local government to adhere to their rules and recommendations. Watch the Facebook page for updates the closer it gets to the Show. Dates for Watermelon Show are set for June 26 and 27.

2020 State Fair of Louisiana:

The 2020 State Fair of Louisiana is set to be held October 21-November 7, 2020. The State Fair will take place in Shreveport, LA. The Entry procedure for the 2020 State Fair will be the same as last year. A new validation materials order procedure has been implemented. Exhibitors must order ear tags and DNA sample kits through the State Fair Livestock office to validate their Market and Commercial animals. Exhibitor families will send DNA and fees directly to the State Fair Livestock Show office at 3701 Hudson Street, Shreveport, LA. The market steer validation deadline was May 10; but it has been extended to June 10, 2020. Market Steers must have been tagged and validated by June 10, 2020. If you have a prospect steer that will weigh less than 1000 pounds at the time of the State Fair, it can still be entered. Market Lambs, Goats, Commercial Beef and Dairy Heifers and commercial ewes and Does must be in the exhibitor’s possession and tagged and DNA sampled with DNA and validation cards returned to the State Fair officials by July 10, 2020. Exhibitors should contact the State Fair Livestock Show Office at mshamsie@Statefairofloiuisiana.com or pswindle@statefairoflouisiana.com to order 2020 State Fair tags for Market Hogs, Sheep, Goats and Steers as well as Commercial Heifers, Ewes and Does. If you wish to order tags and show animals at the 2020 State Fair of Louisiana, it is your responsibility to order and return validations in by the required date. Any animal not validated through this process will be ineligible to be entered in the 2020 State Fair of LA. It is the responsibility of the exhibitor and parent to tag, DNA sample and return this information by certified mail being postmarked by June 10, 2020 for market steers, July 10, 2020 for commercial beef and dairy cattle, market and Commercial sheep and goats and August 10, 2020 for market hogs. This is a new process to order tags for the Market and Commercial cattle, dairy, goats, sheep and hogs. It is the exhibitors’ responsibility to order and return these DNA packets from the State Fair of Louisiana officials and tag and pull DNA on your own animals and mail appropriate paperwork and payment by the due date for that species to the State Fair of LA.Show Entry forms that will cover both breeding and market animals will be posted on the State Fair of Louisiana website on a later date. A link will be mailed out or posted in August for online entry process. These entries will be due at the State Fair Office by September 7, 2020. The entry process is as follows:Online entry for the State Fair is highly encouraged and recommended.

Interested youth and parents who participate in 4-H and FFA Junior Livestock activities should pay close attention to the following information. Possession dates and Validation processes for the State Fair of Louisiana set for October 2020 in Shreveport, LA. It is the responsibility of the participating youth and parents to adhere to and follow these procedures. The possession and validation dates for the 2020 State Fair of Louisiana are as follows: Junior Market and Commercial Shows Entry Nominations Rules and Regulations Eligibility for Nominations.

  • All exhibitors must be enrolled in the project in which they are exhibiting. 4-H and FFA exhibits can exhibit only the animals which are part of their project. Feeding practices and keeping records of this work must be done under the supervision of County Extension Agents and Vo-Ag Instructors.
  • To be eligible to exhibit, boys and girls must be nine years of age, but not more than nineteen years old as of December 31, 2020. After this, he or she is no longer eligible to participate in the Junior Division of the State Fair of Louisiana.
  • Market Steers must be owned and in possession of the exhibitor on or before June 10, 2020; Market Lambs & Comm. Ewes July 10, 2020; Comm. Beef & Comm. Dairy Heifers July 10, 2020; Market Goat & Comm. Does July 10, 2020 and Market Swine and commercial Gilts August 10, 2020. Possession date for all registered breeding animals is August 1, 2020. All Market and Commercial animals must follow the possession and validation dates included in the following pages. The 2020 State Fair of Louisiana Changes and Validation procedures are included in this letter. All new State Fair information has been posted on the State Fair of Louisiana webpage.

The cost of ear tags and the DNA kits are $7.00 per unit or animal validated. DNA Kits and Ear tags will be issued to exhibitors by ordering through State Fair officials. 4-H Agents and Ag Teachers will be sent a list of potential exhibitors to verify current membership. It is the responsibility of the exhibitor and parents to have their animals in possession and tagged, DNA validated, and their entries postmarked with certified mail – return receipt requested by the above listed dates. The following information was implemented in 2015 and will continue for the 2020 State Fair of Louisiana.

Update About ALTAC'S Sale

The ALTAC Sale at the State Fair will be the same as last year with the exception: All animals that are marked for sale and make the sale will sale and be terminal. Every animal that is “marked for Sale” by the exhibitor and qualifies for the sale will be terminal with the exception of those that win the 4-H trip to the NAILE Louisville show. The LSU Louisville trip will be terminal after the show by the assigned chaperones in accordance with the rules designated by the Ark-La-Tex Ag Council (ALTAC). These rules are specific to the Sale.Exhibitors who have qualified to participate in the sale shall accept and comply with these requirements. Any failure to perform in accordance with these requirements will subject the exhibitor to discipline as set forth in the ALTAC rules. An exhibitor may sell only one animal.A commission charge of 10% will be accessed on the gross premium sale. Exhibitors will also receive the resale price less 20% on steers and hogs and 30% on sheep and goats, which does not include the 10% commission charge. More specific rules may be obtained through the State Fair website or Office.

The State Fair of Louisiana Livestock Department

2020 Updated or Continue and Added Rules

New Rules for Beef

  • Exhibitors will be allowed to use oil base or show sheen on show cattle. No grooming products may be used such as Paints, dyes, glue or adhesive. Commercial heifers will remain a blow and show.
  • If a family of more than one sibling is showing more than one animal of the same species, they can validate in the family name and enter in the family name but who is showing which animal must be declared to the livestock office no later than October 19, 2020.
  • Junior Bulls, Heifers and Market Steers entering the makeup ring with evidence of paint, dye, glue or adhesive will be disqualified.

Household Validations: Junior 4-H or FFA exhibitors will be allowed to enter and show any animal that was validated by an individual from their household according to the following restrictions:

A. The exhibitor must all legally reside in the same household and share the same legal address.

B. The exhibitor who is entering the animal must have materially participated in the care of the project.

C. Regarding exhibitor's eligibility, if an exhibitor is declared ineligible, any animal entered in that exhibitors name, shall be ineligible to show at the State Fair.

D. All animals entered by September 7th must be designated the exhibitor who will show it upon entry except the market pigs. Market swine shown at the State Fair, must designate the animal to the exhibitor by October 5th. Exhibitors are encouraged to enter their animals online through the State Fair of Louisiana website by midnight, September 7, 2020. Follow the State Fair website instructions and link.

Changes to Goat and Sheep Show:

1. AOB Breeding Goats will be split into two divisions AOB Meat Goat and AOB Dairy Goat.

2. There will be a Junior Prospect Goat Show.

A. No minimum weight and a maximum weight of 55 lbs.

B. It will be open to exhibitors from other States.C.Open to exhibitors ages 7 through 19 and in school.

D. Goats must have USDA scrapie tag and an identification ear tag

E. Read all rules on State Fair Website.

3. There will be a Junior Prospect Lamb Show.

A. Minimum weigh of 111 lbs. and a maximum weight of 120 lbs.

B. It will be open to other States.

C. Open to exhibitors ages 7 through 19 and in school.

D. Lambs must have USDA scrapie tag and identification ear tag.

E. Read all rules on State Fair website.

4. There will be an open prospect pig show

5. There will be a barrow division (Barrows and Gilts will show separate by weight in the Market Classes. Champion drive will consist of champion divisions in both barrow and gilts.

6. Commercial Gilt will show by weight. The number of classes will be determine by the number animals entered.

7. Possession date for all Breeding animals is August 1st.

8.Specific Specie and general State Fair rules may be obtained by visiting the 2020 State Fair of Louisiana website. The website is now live and information is posted.

Barn Rule: The use of roller blades, roller skates, scooters or other unauthorized form of transportation is prohibited.

Junior Market Steers, Junior Commercial Heifers, Junior and Open Beef Breeding, Junior and Open Dairy.

Sept. 7, 2020 $30.00

Sept. 8 through Sept. 21, 2020 $60.00

Sept. 22 through Oct. 5, 2020 $120.00

Oct. 6 through day before show $150.00

Junior Market Goats, Junior Breeding Goats, Junior Market Lamb, Junior Breeding Sheep, Junior Market Swine and Junior Breeding Swine.

Sept. 7, 2020 $20.00

Sept. 8 through Sept. 21, 2020 $40.00

Sept. 22 through Oct. 5, 2020 $80.00

Oct.6 through day before show $110.00

4-H and FFA Livestock Validation and Entry Process for 2021 Spring LSU Shows

Validation dates and Sites are estimated at this time: They will be announced at a later date

At the present time; we assume that the validation process that will be used for the 2021 Spring LSU Livestock Shows will be similar to last years with a few logistics changes to make the process run smoother except for the Steer project. We will forward the validation process on to exhibitors and parents as soon as we receive an update on the 2021 Validation process. It is important that all Livestock exhibitors and parents should be aware of and follow the 2021 LSU Livestock validation process. All Market Steers, Lambs, and Goats as well as Commercial Heifers, Ewes and Does must be validated. This is the same as the past nine years show. The possession dates for each of these animal species should be similar to last year including the Market Steer project. These dates are estimated; we will notify exhibitors through our webpage, newspaper, remind app and newsletter when we receive the finalized possession and validation dates.

2021 LSU AgCenter Market Steer Program General Guidelines

The Market Steer Project will refer back to be similar that it was prior to last year. The possession date for the 2021 LSU Market Steers is August 1, 2020. Steer exhibitors need to request tags by June 17th. We will validate steers in the Parish. Market Steer exhibitors will pick up the tags and DNA envelopes and tag their steer and pull DNA and return the DNA envelope and payment of $7.00 per animal by 4:30 p.m. Thursday, August 1, 2020. This information will be mailed to the State Livestock Office on August 2nd. Checks for validation payment should be made payable to Livestock Show Office (LSO).

Exhibitor Eligibility:

As listed in the LSU State Livestock Show Catalog.

Lambs, and goats as well as commercial heifers, ewes, and does must be in possession and be validated by November 2, 2020. Validation for the 2021 Spring LSU Livestock Shows must take place on or prior to that particular species possession date. Tags and DNA kits may be obtained from the 4-H Office. There are no exceptions to this validation process. There will be a fee for each animal validated; this cost will be $7.00 per animal. The proposed validation information, dates and times will be as follows:

Validation Process we will assist families in validating animals, however the exhibitor and parents are responsible for the proper validation of potential show animals and submitting the DNA envelope and payment by the appropriate date:

  • All animals must be tagged and DNA samples collected.
  • Any animals previously validated for The 2020 State Fair of Louisiana that intends to be exhibited at the 2021 LSU State Show will be required to validate with a new DNA sample using the same State Fair ear tag in order to be properly validated for the 2021 LSU AgCenter State Livestock Show series.
  • All animal entries declaring a breed classification on the entry form.
  • The responsibility of tagging animals and collecting DNA/hair samples will be that of the exhibitor and/or parent. Agents/Ag Teachers may be present and can assist.
  • All exhibitors needing to validate animals other than steers need to request their estimated ear tags by September 1st. Exhibitor families may pick up tags and DNA envelopes at the Beauregard 4-H Office and tag their animals and return the DNA envelope and validation fee by November 2nd for Commercial Heifers, Ewes and Does and Market Lambs and Goats.Market Hogs and Commercial gilts must be tagged and validated by pulling and submitting DNA to the 4-H office by December 1, 2020. We plan to have these materials available to validate animals while at the Beauregard Parish Fair the first week in October. All non-registered animals must be validated in order to show in the 2021 LSU Livestock Shows.

All animals to be validated in a parish will not need to be brought to a central location. Parents and 4-H members will be given tags and equipment and envelopes to DNA sample their animals. It is the parents and exhibitors responsibility to tag and DNA sample their animals. Animals will not be officially classified until entries are completed and verified at the District Show; however agents/Ag teachers will assist exhibitors in determining correct classification for entries. In Beauregard Parish we plan to try to assist and allow most families to validate their animals during the 2020 Beauregard Parish Fair. Only validated animals of any species will be eligible to be exhibited at 2021 LSU AgCenter district and state shows except for registered animals.

Again the following is the 2021 LSU Show Validation information, procedures and deadlines:

2021 LSU Validation/Possession Deadlines:


August 1, 2020

Must be validated by exhibitor and submitted to Parish LSU AgCenter Office on or by 4:30 p.m. on Thursday, August 1, 2020. August 1, 2020 will be the absolute last date to validate market steers for the LSU AgCenter Livestock Show.

Beef & Dairy Commercial Heifers, Market lambs & Commercial Ewes, Market Goats & Commercial Does:

Monday, November 2, 2020

Must be validated by exhibitor and submitted to Parish LSU AgCenter Office on or by 4:30 p.m. on Monday, November 2nd, 2020. November 2, 2020 will be the absolute last date to validate Commercial Beef and Dairy Heifers, Market lambs, Commercial Ewes, Market Goats, and Commercial Does for the LSU AgCenter Livestock Shows.Validation fee of $7.00 per animal validated.

Market & Commercial Hogs: December 1, 2020 Must be validated by exhibitor and submitted to Parish LSU AgCenter Office on or by 4:30 p.m. on Tuesday, December 2nd, 2020. December 2nd, 2020 will be the absolute last date to validate Market Hogs for the LSU AgCenter Livestock Show. Validation fee of $7.00 per pig validated due on this date. Validation envelopes and payments will be mailed to state show office the day after possession date of that species.

Exhibitor Responsibility:

1. Animals must be in continuous possession of exhibitor from time of validation until the LSU AgCenter State Livestock Show. See rules in 2021 LSU AgCenter State Show catalog or consult the livestock show manager for specific possession rules.

2.Exhibitors should request validation kits from agents and ag teachers as per parish guidelines. Each parish LSU AgCenter 4-H office will supply validation kits to exhibitors upon request.

3.Validation will consist of ear tagging animal and pulling a hair sample; hair sample should be placed in a properly identified validation envelope for each animal validated. Validation envelope must be returned to local LSU AgCenter office with validation fee of $7.00 per animal by specified deadline. The responsibility of tagging animals and collecting DNA/hair samples will be that of the exhibitor and/or parent. Agents/Ag Teachers be present and can assist.

4. Animals previously tagged for the 2020 Louisiana State Fair may utilize the State Fair tag to complete LSU AgCenter State Show validations. All animals must be tagged with an LSU Tag or State Fair tag to validate. A new DNA sample must be submitted to validate for LSU show.

5. Animals must be validated in either the exhibitors name or in family name (Family consist of parents, legal guardians, brothers, and sisters.). When official entry forms are turned in at the parish level animals validated in family name must be entered in the name of the exhibitor that will show the animal at the District and State Livestock Shows.

Validation Hardship Statement

District and/or State Show manager must be notified within seven days after the validation deadline to be considered for a validation hardship. After contacting District and/or State Show Manager hardship forms must be immediately filed with supporting material and stating hardship. These hardships will be evaluated on a case by case basis by parish agent, district show manager, and state show manager. Only cases where it is determined to have been unavoidable will the exhibitor be allowed to validate. This decision will be final and not subject to appeal.

During the COVID-19 outbreak we have seen livestock shows and other community events canceled out of concern for the health and safety of our communities. With the uncertainty of what lies ahead related to COVID-19, the AgCenter continues to be proactive in looking at what may, or may not, happen when it comes to livestock shows. With show animals more costly and livestock shows being canceled during the current crisis, the future of any show is not guaranteed. For this reason, the AgCenter is requesting that participants read the following statement:

Please note: Given the health concerns with COVID-19 there is no guarantee that the (Beauregard EXPO, SW District or State Livestock shows) will occur as advertised. With that in mind all livestock show participants and families should note that purchase and/or validation of animals is at their own risk and financial investment.

It is our hope that all livestock shows can, and will, continue as scheduled, however, our clientele need to be aware of this new risk related to our livestock projects and shows.

2021 LSU AgCenter State Livestock Show Breeding Animal Possession Dates.

  • Saturday, August 1, 2020: Market Steers
  • Monday, November 2, 2020: Beef, Sheep, Goat, and Dairy Breeding and market sheep and goats.
  • Monday, November 9, 2020: Miniature Cattle
  • Tuesday, December 1, 2020: Market and Swine Breeding

Understanding Drug Use Regulations

Many times, we as livestock producers have animals that become ill. When this happens, we may need to administer medication to help our animals overcome the illness. It is important to understand how these drugs are regulated and approved as well as the importance of having a veterinarian/client relationship. It is also very important to use drugs that are approved for that particular species or market animal and we follow proper withdrawal periods. We as exhibitors have gone through a Livestock Quality Assurance program and have agreed to follow these proper procedures. Now days, the livestock industry and especially the youth livestock show program is under a magnifying glass. Please take every precaution to make sure we are following proper animal care procedures and laws. It is very important to follow these drug rules as well as any show rules; even withdrawal periods on medicated feeds. If we do not strive to follow proper food animal safety, the USDA could place more stringent regulations on our animal rearing practices.

The enclosed Understanding Drug Use Regulations in Food Producing Animals fact sheet should provide even more useful information! I am also including the Veterinary Feed Directive Rule information that took effect on January 1, 2017. Links for these documents found on the Beauregard AgCenter webpage under 4-H newsletters.

As of January 1, 2017. Feeds purchased will not have active drug additives as an ingredient as in the past. It is important to read this enclosed sheet and strive to have a good Vet/Client relationship should you need assistance with potential sick animals.

Those new and seasoned 4-H and FFA members wishing to show livestock needing validation in the 2021 LSU shows must contact Mike LaVergne at the Beauregard 4-H office at 463-7006 or your Vocational Agriculture teacher prior to July 3rd for Market Steers, September 15th for Commercial Heifers, Ewes, Does and Market Lambs and Goats. Market Swine numbers are due October 15, 2020. The earlier we have estimates of tags needed the better prepared we will be. This will allow for the ordering of the correct number of tags and DNA sample kits.

I have enclosed a copy of the Livestock hardship form. Any exhibitor who wishes to show livestock and does not have housing facilities for these animals at home, but has an opportunity to house the animal at another facility should complete this form and return it to the 4-H office or their FFA Advisor prior to the possession date for that species for approval of the livestock hardship. This form must be used for any hardship such as possession or replacement of a lost animal after the possession date has passed.

Those with questions concerning the 2020 State Fair of Louisiana or the 2021 LSU livestock show validation process may contact Mike LaVergne at (337) 463-7006 or mlavergne@agcenter.lsu.edu. You may order tags and DNA kits by filling out the attached form and returning it to the 4-H office by June 17th for State Fair animals and by September 1st for 2021 LSU show animals.Those showing 2020 State Fair Lambs, Heifers, Goats and Pigs must order tags by June 17, 2020. Link for fillable page found on the Beauregard AgCenter webpage under 4-H newsletters. Good luck with your projects.


Michael A. LaVergne
County Agent (ES) (4-H)
Beauregard Parish

5/15/2020 1:48:01 PM
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