Celebrating the Easter Holiday During COVID - 19

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Due to the recent outbreak of the COVID -19 and the Governor’s stay at home order, many of us had to restructure our daily lives including missing important events, birthdays, and holidays. Don’t let the COVID-19 restrict your family time or healthy habits. With the upcoming Easter holiday approaching, I wanted to share of few ideas to celebrate the Easter holiday and promote healthy habits while practicing social distancing. Check out the activities below:

Plant something to grow

Consider putting seeds in plastic Easter eggs or eggs cartons. This is wondering opportunity to create an herb garden and teach your children about healthy nutrition practices, garden skills, as well as the importance of team building and personal responsibility.

Have an Easter Old Fashion Egg Hunt

An Easter Egg Hunt can be lots of fun and promote physical activity. If you have family or friends who are not with you who would like to participate, set up a virtual Easter egg hunt using virtual tools such as Google Duo, Skype, or Facebook Messenger.

Smart Phone Easter Egg Hunt

I’ve also came across an Easter egg hunt for our tech savvy teens. This idea was adapted from the Bits of Everything website. To receive your clues using the QR codes, you will need a device (iPhone, Android, Tablet) that allows you to scan QR codes. There are several free apps you can use to scan your QR codes that is available on Google Play and the Apple store. Most smartphones now come equipped with this function. The next step requires you to download and print the attached clues and QR codes. All QR codes are numbered to match the corresponding clue. Only use the clues that work for your yard. When the QR code is scanned, it takes you to an image on the Bits of Everything website that has the clue on it. Simple as that.

Nature Scavenger Hunt

A Nature Scavenger Hunt is a great way to explore your surroundings while learning to appreciate nature. You are also able to get in a few needed steps. For this activity simply print out the attached scavenger hunt worksheet or you can simply create your own. Distribute the list and a bag to each family member. After each item is found, share the story of your hunt or your favorite treasure. If the weather permits,why not have a family picnic in your backyard.

Egg Race

Who doesn’t love an old fashion egg race? This game only requires two items: a spoon and an egg of course. The rules are simple, walk or run from one point to another (fence or driveway) holding the spoon with the egg balanced on it. The winner is the first one to get to the end point without dropping the egg. This also a great way to encourage physical activity.

Make a Healthy Snack

This is my children’s favorite part. During the past few weeks, “snack” has become their favorite word. Since we are celebrating Easter, Heavenly Deviled Eggs would be the perfect snack for both children and adults. This recipe is not only nutritious but budget friendly as well. Eggs are an inexpensive source of high-quality protein and a good source of vitamins B12, E, riboflavin, niacin, iron and phosphorus. Visit the files section to download a copy of the recipe. Be sure to visit https://www.choosemyplate.gov/ for more recipes and more.

For more family fun activities visit Louisiana 4-H's Virtual Recess and our Facebook Page @VNBEgethealthy


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