Rice Research Projects for 2020

Continuing projects

Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness: $40,000

  • Economic Analysis of Rice Production and Farm Management in Louisiana, Michael Deliberto (Salassi)

Entomology: $112,100

  • Integrated Management Strategies for Insect Pests of Rice, Blake Wilson (Sun)

Experimental Statistics: $25,000

  • Implementation of Digital Agricultural Techniques to Improve Outcomes and Practices at the Rice Research Station, Thanos Gentimis

Bob R. Jones Idlewild Research Station: $15,000

  • Development of an Encapsulation Protocol for Sodium Nitrite for Control of Feral Swine in Rice, Glen Gentry

Northeast Research Station: $80,000

  • Nitrogen Fertilization of Furrow-Irrigated Rice Using Surge Valve Irrigation, Josh Copes
  • Yield Evaluation of Commercial-Advanced Testing Program in Northeast Louisiana, Donnie Miller
  • Best Management Practices for Row Rice Production Systems in Northeast Louisiana, Donnie Miller

Plant Pathology and Crop Physiology: $50,000

  • Characterization and Utilization of Genetic Traits for Resistance to Multiple Diseases of Rice, Jong Hyun Ham

H. Rouse Caffey Rice Research Station: $1,267,258

  • Applied Molecular Breeding, Brijesh Angira
  • Multiple Generation Rice Breeding Nursery, Adam Famoso
  • Development of Superior Rice Varieties for Louisiana, Adam Famoso
  • Enhancement of Rice Research and Extension Communications, Frankie Gould
  • Development of Disease Control Practices in Rice, Don Groth
  • Rice Management Strategies for Efficient Utilization of Agronomic Inputs and Natural Resources, Dustin Harrell
  • Louisiana Rice Research Verification Program, Dustin Harrell
  • Effect of Water Management Practices on Nitrogen-Use Efficiency and Yield of Drill-Seeded, Delayed Flood Rice Production, Manoch Kongchum
  • Development of Hybrid Rice and Sheath Blight-Resistant Germplasm for Louisiana, James Oard
  • Developing High Yielding Rice With Lower Glycemic Index, Increased Bran Oil and Improved Baking Quality for Emerging Markets, Herry Utomo
  • Rice Grain Quality Enhancement: Characterization of Elite High-Protein Lines and Development of Herbicide-Resistant Rice, Ida Wenefrida

School of Plant, Environmental and Soil Sciences: $214,648

  • Remote-Sensing Ground Control Point Network to Support Precision Agriculture in Rice Farms, Luciano Shiratsuchi
  • Breeding Salt-Tolerant Rice Varieties, Prasanta Subudhi
  • Weed Management in Herbicide-Resistant/Tolerant and Conventional Rice, Eric Webster

New Projects

Northeast Research Station: $14,800

  • Evaluation of Fungicides on Important Rice Diseases Under Upland (Row Rice) Conditions, Paul Price


  • Black Bird Research: $20,000, Don Groth

Total funding for 2020: $1,838,806

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