Cooking With Your Kids

Cooking With Your Kids-and illustration of 4 kids at various ages from 2-12 helping in the kitchen. One is snapping bean, one is stirring, one is cutting a tomato and one is reading a recipe.
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The best way to raise healthy eaters is to give them lots of opportunities to help in the kitchen.

Children naturally are curious and always want to do what you are doing. The earlier they’re included, the more likely they’ll continue helping with meal preparation as they grow up. Children also tend to eat what they help cook.

Although children’s schedules get busier with after-school activities and more homework as they get older, the skills they can gain in the kitchen while younger will be valuable to them when they grow up.

These are ways children of various ages can participate in preparing meals for the family:

Ages 2-5

Ages 6-8

Ages 9-12

Ages 12 and Older

Wipe tablesUse simple kitchen equipment,
such as a grater, blender
or can opener (after they’ve
been shown how to
operate it safely)
Prepare simple recipesFollow a recipe (sometimes
with help)
Place things in the trashMake their own snack, such as
a sandwich, apple, toast or cereal
Use a sharp knife to cut foods
(foods that are easy to grip)
Use an oven or stove
Rinse fruits and vegetablesUse the microwave
(with some assistance)
Put away leftoversUse a chef’s knife
or other larger knives
(with supervision)
Scoop mashed potatoesScoop batter into muffin cupsSlice bread and vegetablesUse a grater to shred cheese
or carrots
Snap green beansRinse beansPound chicken or meatPlan a dinner menu
Tear lettuce or greensCrack and beat an eggUse a timer or thermometerSuggest options for leftovers
or meals
Stir pancake batterToss salad ingredients
with salad dressing
Knead dough and let it rise
Name and count foodsRead an easy recipe
(with some help)
Help assemble a pizzaWrite out the grocery list
Pour ingredients
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