Enjoying Outdoor Activities and Camping During the Summer Heat!


Summer camping and outdoor activities are heating up as is the temperature.While we want to encourage outdoor fun we also want to encourage hydration and safety in the heat. 4-H promotes healthy living which includes enjoying physical activity as well as consuming a well-balanced diet.Your body needs more water when you are in hot climates and more physically active.

Summer camping can be a great experience that offer youth learning opportunities in outdoor settings. To help youth enjoy the outdoors and camping it is best if we remind them of the importance of hydration.Campers should be encouraged to drink plenty of fluids remembering to drink small amounts of water before coming thirsty.Let thirst be the guide to the amount of water your body needs. Drink more water than usual, and don’t wait until you’re thirsty to drink more. Muscle cramping, headache, nausea may be signs of heat-related illness.

Consider packing a special reusable water bottle for your camper so they can distinguish it from others as well as fill it up routinely. Water helps our bodies to maintain a normal temperature, get rid of waste, protects tissues and lubricates joints. Water is a better choice than soda, energy or sport drinks and sweetened beverages which provides more calories than needed

In addition to hydration, appropriate clothing can help battle the summer heat. Be sure to wear breathable, light colored and loose-fitting clothing. Campers should also remember to apply sunscreen and wear a hat. Also, take breaks in the shade and air conditioned areas.

6/5/2019 4:58:33 PM
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