Are You Storm Ready?

storm recovery guide picturejpgIt is hard to believe that hurricane season is here. June 1st marked the start of hurricane season which lasts through November 30. So, are you storm ready? Have you started taking precautions and making preparations for this hurricane season? Taking time before a disaster to prepare and organize will definitely save you from unwanted stress and chaos in the event of a disaster.

When planning what to purchase and stock in your pantry for hurricane season consider adding: dried milk, instant rice and oatmeal, crackers, and cereal bars to you shopping list. Other items you might want to include when shopping are dried fruits and nuts, canned fruit and fruit juice, and peanut butter. Purchase foods you usually eat. Do not let this time serve as a trial of new foods. It is also important that when preparing for hurricane season, you provide for the needs of those with special dietary requirements.

The LSU AgCenter has the following fact sheets that may prove helpful when planning and preparing for hurricane season: One Dish Meals for Emergencies, Stocking Your Pantry for a Disaster, Three-day Emergency Food Supply, Nutrition & Fitness: Your Keys to Coping with Stress, Food Safety: Power Outages & Flooding, and Sample Menus for Emergencies.

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