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In 1971, Mrs. Beverly Hains joined the 4-H family after her daughter expressed interest in the program. As a result, she has served in various roles in the Acadia Parish 4-H program for the past 47 years. It was also in in 1971 that Mrs. Beverly discovered that Redemptorist Catholic School needed a 4-H school leader, and she jumped right in and volunteered. This was the beginning of her journey into 4-H. She served as the school leader and gave countless hours for sewing, child development, and food and nutrition. She was Acadia Parish’s most faithful record book judge and still volunteers today. There are not many aspects of 4-H for which Mrs. Hains has not volunteered her time. She has volunteered at the 4-H office, held training meetings and volunteered at them, helped her husband hold the dairy judging contest at their own residence, assisted at the International Rice Festival Livestock Show, helped with the parish 4-H Electric Clinic and served as a judge at many Achievement Day contests.

Mrs. Hains opened many doors throughout her 4-H career. In 1979, she won the Good Provider Record contest. In 1981, she attended the District Leader Conference. She, along with her husband, won a trip to the National 4-H Congress in Chicago as a leader winner. Mrs. Hains and her husband accompanied the 4-H exchange group to Brown County, Wisconsin, and promoted the Acadia Exchange Program. Her family also hosted two international 4-H exchange students from Japan. Mrs. Hains took an interest in the area of sewing and took her portable sewing machine to school so everyone could have personal help.

This is how she shared her talent — by contributing to the youth. She helped the youth learn and grow in an area that they might not have had access to otherwise. As club leader, she would visit with the principal at the beginning of the year and plan and get permission for fundraising. Knowing that most club members did not enjoy keeping record books, she thought they might work harder if they had something to look forward to. With some of the money the members raised, she and other leaders decided to create an incentive. That year, they had a 98 percent record book completion. Mrs. Hains said that being a 4-H leader is like being a mother. “You give guidance to your club members as a mother would give her children,” she said. Everyone refers to Mrs. Hains as Granny. She was very successful in getting and keeping youth involved, and she continuously impacts 4-H youth to this day.

Mrs. Hains has taught her children leadership and volunteering in their communities, which has given them the ability to volunteer on the parish and state levels. Nothing is too big or too much, especially when all six of her children participated in 4-H at the same time. She not only supported her children and grandchildren but has attended 4-H University for the past 20 years, not missing one year, to cheer on her family and the delegation from Acadia Parish. Louisiana 4-H is privileged to have such a great volunteer who has touched the lives of so many people. Please join us in welcoming Mrs. Beverly B. Hains to the Louisiana 4-H Hall of Fame!

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