Grain Sorghum Enterprise Budgets, 2019

This publication presents estimates of projected costs and returns for grain sorghum production in Louisiana for the 2019 crop year.Crop producers are annually faced with critical management decisions that impact the employment of production inputs for various crop enterprises and the combination of crops that will be assembled into a cropping system.The need for reliable information is crucial if sound production decisions are to be made.Planning information plays a pivotal role in the development of annual crop production plans by producers and is important in supporting their efforts to secure the necessary resources to carry out their plans. In addition, information regarding production alternatives and costs and returns for major crop enterprises is needed by extension personnel, researchers, lending institutions, and others involved in agriculture or agribusiness. The purpose of this report is to provide planning information regarding crop production costs and market returns for the 2019 crop year.

Crop enterprise budgets in this report are presented in two budget formats.The first budget format (table A) is a summary of costs and returns for the crop enterprise.The second budget format (table B) provides a table listing the sequence of production operations, indicating the equipment and implements used, month of operation, labor required, machine time required, and materials used.Labor costs, material costs, custom costs, and direct and fixed costs for tractors and equipment are also included for each operation.All costs are summed giving the total cost per operation or practice.In addition, breakeven prices to cover direct production costs and total specified production costs are presented in tables C and D.

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