Worker Protection Standard (WPS) Information

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WPS Training Verification Form

Record sheet for training workers and handlers. These records must be kept on the establishment for 2 years from the date of the training. Records must include: the worker’s or handler’s printed name and signature; the date of training; trainer’s name; evidence of the trainer’s qualification to train; employer’s name; and information to identify which EPA-approved training materials were used for the training. WPS Trainers must go through the new LSU AgCenter WPS Train-the-Trainer program and be a certified applicator in the state.

Record Sheet for Central Notification

Pesticide records must be maintained for any covered use of a WPS-labeled pesticide for either general-use or restricted-use pesticides. The agricultural employer must keep a record of the pesticide application and hazard information on the establishment for 2 years from the expiration date of the REI of the pesticide applied.

WPS Training Information (

This is a link to EPA approved training materials that can be used to train both workers and pesticide handlers.

Central Display Poster

This is a link to a website to purchase the new EPA approved Pesticide Safety Poster.

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