Practical Christmas Gifts

Karen Cambre, Sharpe, Kenneth W.

News article for December 18, 2017

Christmas always seems so far away then all of a sudden I look up and it is here. Still so much to do and those hard to buy for people on the list that you have put off as long as you can.

For those people still left on your nice list, I have come up with a few observations.

I noticed that almost no one around me had a snow blower during our recent snow day, but I am not sure that our snow frequency warrants that item. However, we have had a few more frosts than in some years gone past. A windshield scraper is an item that could be very useful. I have already had several mornings that required de-icing before departing.

Thinking about departing reminds me of the extra cost of baggage on airlines. You are between a rock and hard place, do you pay for an extra bag or risk being overweight and paying a stiff fine? A compact, hand held digital luggage scale will eliminate that stress and is a great gift idea. It is better to reposition your most personal items at home than in front of a mob of people at the ticket counter and much cheaper. If your special someone likes to fish, there is another compact scale version in the sporting good section that is designed to weigh fish, but handles luggage as well, just make sure it weighs up to 50 pounds.


After the flood and all of the debris that was generated, we have had at least 20 flat tires in my immediate family. It never fails that the tire is flat the morning that the alarm did not wake you up and you have an important early morning commitment. A portable generator is a great asset to any home. You can get those that are powerful enough to operate nail guns and staplers or just get a portable inflation version that is powered from the car’s cigarette lighter or is it a cell phone charger port now? If you are dealing with as many flats as I have, maybe you want to get them a tire plug repair kit. It comes with a tool to rasp out the nail hole, a tool to insert a plug and a supply of tire plugs, all for about half of the cost of one tire repair and they will not need towing services.

There are some pretty neat automotive mats on the market these days. Trucks used to be made for outdoorsman and farmers, but today they are made much nicer for broader appeal. No more vinyl floor coverings for those of us who track mud in and out. There is attractive carpet and it needs to be protected. Look at the molded rubber mats that will hold mud and water and protect the truck and car alike. They make them for all models, backseats and even the cargo area of your SUV. This would be a great gift for a pet lover, someone with kids and those of us who have to get out in Louisiana weather.

pruning polejpgThe snow broke a number of limbs around and those are hard to get down. A pruning pole is a great way to get to those in the first 20 feet. I am thinking about the small chain saw on a pole version with an extending pole as a good option. They also make a manual pruning pole that extends to about 16 feet with a saw blade on the end.


Leaves are still coming down and soon that will be a chore to address. Any homeowner needs all kinds of rakes and lawn brooms to help, but a blower is an easier way to make a pile. Leaf blowers come in a gas powered version, can be hand held or strapped on like a back pack. There are also electric versions that cost less, but you will need electric cords long enough to reach the work area and large enough gauge wire to carry the current the distance. Wheel barrels and lawn carts can help move the piles or get a bag butler to help hold your garbage bags open for easy raking or blowing right into the bag.

Have a Merry Christmas!

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