The School of Animal Sciences welcomes a new Assistant Professor to the Faculty

School of Animal Science News Archive Published 6/18/19

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The LSU AgCenter School of Animal Sciences welcomed a new Assistant Professor to the Faculty. Dr. Zongliang “Carl” Jiang earned his Bachelor of Science Degree from Guangxi University located in the Guangxi Region of China Capital City, Nanning. Dr. Jiang moved to Storrs, Connecticut, where he earned an MS and PhD in Reproductive Physiology from the University of Connecticut. He continued at UConn as a Postdoctoral Fellow in Molecular Embryology until becoming a Postdoctoral Associate in 2016 with the Division of Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility, Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology, and Reproductive Sciences at the Yale School of Medicine.

Dr. Jiang’s research focuses on a better understanding of early embryo development to reduce reproductive loss in mammals. The central theme of this research is to study the epigenetic mechanisms by which a differentiated cell (both gametes and/or somatic cells) is reprogrammed to generate a pluripotent cell (zygote or cloned embryos). In this system, the oocyte is responsible for orchestrating the reprogramming mechanism for early cleavage during which the essential components of transcriptome, methylome, histone modification and chromatin architecture are regulated and drive the development of a whole individual. We use a comparative approach which includes different species (cattle, goat, mouse), different models of nuclear reprogramming (In vivo derived/IVF embryos, cloned embryos, and pluripotency stem cells), and state-of-art whole genome scale of single cell analysis. Overall, this capability lends itself well to comparative studies of epigenetics as it relates to oocyte and embryo viability, as well as the future application of this knowledge to assisted reproductive technology settings.

6/18/2019 5:24:47 PM
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