Don't Waste Your Time With Fad Diets

Here’s a question I’m sure everyone can relate to: Who has ever been on a diet? Have you? How many people in your life do you know who have been on a diet at least once? Now, how many of those people were able to actually stick to their diet? Almost everyone has started a diet of some sort, and almost everyone quits it. Why do we diet? Maybe we’ve gained weight over time and we want to lose some of that extra weight; maybe we have a social function coming up that we’d like to look nice for; or maybe you heard of a new “revolutionary” diet plan that claims to change your life.

There are literally hundreds of diets out there. HUNDREDS! Each one claiming to be the best diet for you.

  • The “Expensive Magic Pill Diet”: Just take 1 very expensive little pill twice a day for the rest of your life and watch the fat melt off. You can still eat and drink as much as you want and you never have to exercise!
  • The “All-Sugar Natural Juice Diet”: Drink only natural fruit juices for a week and clean out all the toxic sludge in your belly. Never mind that you are basically drinking pure sugar.
  • The “Eat Cereal Twice a day Instead of a Balanced Meal Diet”: Just replace 2 well-balanced delicious meals with a bowl of plain, cold cereal and watch the weight fly off!
  • The “Never Eat Bread Again No-Carb Diet”: Simply cut out all bread, rice, pasta, potatoes, all sweets, soda, crackers, and everything else delicious, and lose 30 pounds in a month! And try not to get too grouchy watching everyone else enjoy their delicious, buttery bread.

These are just a few silly example of some of the more popular diets out there.

So ask yourself this question: If diets work so well, why are there so many of them? Each diet claims to be the one that works. And most diets actually do work…for a short time. “Fad Diets”, or diets that are popular at the moment are usually extreme diets. They require the dieter to completely eliminate entire food groups from their diet in order to get results. That isn’t a realistic strategy for health and weight loss. People love variety and we like having options. As soon as we are told we can’t have something, we want it even more! This is why fad diets don’t work.

But I have good news for you. There is an almost fool-proof strategy to get the health results you want. It’s not fancy, it’s not instant, but it’s definitely not complicated, not expensive, and you already have everything you’ll need to succeed IF you stick with it. Here it is, so grab a pen and write it down:

  • Eat more vegetables and fruit!
  • Choose low-fat dairy products
  • Incorporate more non-meat sources of protein into your diet
  • Eat less sugar and salt, and…
  • Move more!

Now the secret is out! As you see, the secret is that there is no secret. If you make sensible choices, eat proper portion sizes, eat a variety of foods, enjoy your favorites in moderation, and get more active you too will begin to see the positive effects of a healthy lifestyle. Adopting a healthy lifestyle that doesn’t make you feel deprived will be easier to stick with. You’ll also be more likely to see encouraging physical changes that come along with your positive lifestyle choices.

4/28/2017 8:44:06 PM
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