Soybean Yield Response: Planting Date and Maturity Groups in Texas and Louisiana

Ronald Levy, Lofton, Josh

Soybean Yield Response

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The data presented in this article is a result of a large, three-year regional project funded jointly by the United Soybean Board (USB) and the Mid-South Soybean Board (MSSB). The aim of this project was to study the effect of planting date, latitude and environmental factors on the choice of soybean maturity group (MG) in the Mid-South when grown under fully irrigated conditions. Experiments were conducted from 2012 to 2014 at a total of 10 locations (Figure 1), with four planting dates and four cultivars in each of the MGs, from 3 to 6. Data from College Station, Texas, and St. Joseph, Louisiana, are the focus of this report.

Farmers growing soybeans in the Mid-South region often face similar issues as their counterparts across state lines. For this reason, the Mid-South Soybean Board (MSSB) funds research projects that address soybean-production questions and challenges to benefit farmers across the region. The volunteer farmer-leaders who serve on MSSB invest checkoff dollars in ongoing research and extension programs designed to address soybean-production challenges and provide information to increase farmer profitability. Use the information in this publication to help you achieve success during the 2016 planting season and beyond.

Research, information and technical editing for this publication provided by: Montse Salmerón, Ph.D., Larry C. Purcell, Ph.D., Clark B. Neely, Ph.D., Josh Loften, Ph.D., and Ronnie Levy, Ph.D.

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