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All up in the kool-aid - In someone's business. "That's between me and Brian. Don't be all up in the kool-aid!"

Bait - adj. To describe a location as unsafe or high profile. “This place is mad bait."

Baggin - v. To “bag” is to make fun of them or insult them. "Yo, Tisha, why you always baggin on me?”"

Baked - adj. The effect of smoking marijuana. To be stoned. "I think John's baked."

Big body - Large vehicles such as SUVs or older model cars. "Look at the big body caddy."

Bite it - To trip or fall down, usually hurting oneself. "Did you see Bobby bite it when he was trying to hop that rail?"

Biting me - (pronounced "bitin' me") Copying someone. "Man, you know I bought this jacket first, why you biting me?"

Bones - Money. "I can't go to the movies. I ain't got no bones."

Boo - A close person, best friend or boyfriend/girlfriend. "Dat's my boo you're messin' wit!"

Boo-yah! - Exclamation used in celebrating a victory. "Boo-Yah! I whooped you in dat game!" OR an expression at the end of a short, insulting speech. Used like "So, there!"

Boy - n. Your friend or someone you admire. "Yo, I’m chillin’ with my boys tonight.”

Buggin - Acting strange. "Why you buggin?"

Bunk - adj. Really bad or aggravating. "Dad told me to go to my room. he's so bunk!" OR adj. something bad, boring, stupid, etc. "This town is bunk; there's nothing to do."

Cheddar - n. Money "He got phat cheddar."

Chillin - v. To simply "hang out" with no purpose. "I'm just chillin wit my friends."

Church - Term of approval for something. "Show up or ho' up." "Church."

Crib - n. A house. "Let's go back to my crib."

Cut - n. A song on a record. "Hear that song. That's the cut!"

Dawg - n. A title for your friends; see "homie." OR a guy who goes with all the girls, even if he has a girlfriend. "Jimmy's such a dawg!”

Dead presidents - Money. "Ma lemme get some dead presidents.”

Dope - adj. Late '80s verbiage, still used for something good, excellent or appealing. See also "tight" or "phat." "Check out his dope ride." OR marijuana.

Down - To be part of a group or friendship or “watch their back.” "Chris, you know I’m down." OR agreeing with. "I'm down with whatever you decide." OR engaged in an activity, current status or happening. "Man, we gettin' down with a couple freaks in class."

Dropped the dime - To tell on someone. "He dropped the dime on Joe."

Easy - Goodbye. See "late" or "peace." "I'll see you later. Easy!"

Flashing - v. Yelling at someone, usually in front of others. "My mom was just flashing."

Flossin' - v. Show off one’s wealth - often while driving. "Now I'm just flossin'."

Get your swerve on - To get drunk, to drink or otherwise intoxicated from either alcohol or drugs. OR To get into a rhythm. To achieve a positive momentum. When playing basketball, if your team does well, you can say "Now we got the swerve on!"

Give it up! - A request to applaud for something. "Gentlemen, give it up for . . ."

Got the dragon - To have bad breath.

Grain - n. Money. "Hey, Mom, hook me up with some grain."

Grill – n. A person’s teeth or smile. "Man, I’ll bust yo’ grill!"

Grip - n. Money. "I've got mad grip." OR A lot or a bunch of. "He's got a grip of cheddar."

Hack or hackin' - To make fun of someone, to insult or correct. Fun-loving term. "Why you always gotta hack on me?" OR To get fouled in a basketball game.

Heads - People. "Yo, there was mad heads at the six joint."

Hit me on the hip - Page me.

Homie - n. Derived from the Hispanic who used "homes" as a label for others; means friend or companion. "Whasup Homie?"

Hot - Dangerous. "It's hot up in here!"

Hott - Very good or stylish. "That jacket is hott!"

Housed - To get extremely drunk, high or wasted. "We got housed last night." OR To be badly beaten at something, whether sports or a fight. "The Celtics got housed last night."

I'm straight - To declare you are all right in your current state of being, as if to say "I'm cool," or "I'm good already."

Ill - v. Cool, in style.

Kickin' it - v. To relax with friends with no work involved. "Billy’s kickin' it with me.”

Kicks - Shoes.

Kryptonite - A weakness. "Boy, that girl is my kryptonite."

Let's bounce - Something said when it is time to leave. Let us leave the premises now.

Let's roll - A phrase used to express that it is time to leave.

Live - Very good. Usually a place - the place to be. " Jimmy's party is gonna be live!"

M&M - All right. A little above mediocre. "Do you like that youth pastor?" Yea, he's M&M."

Mad - adv. An adverb that means to have a large amount of. Extreme.

Navigate - v. Let's go. "Let's navigate."

Off the hook - Exceptionally good. " John’s new 22-inch spinners are “off the hook!"

Old school - adj./adv. Anything that is old, but not necessarily bad. "Hey, Kelly, why you playing that old school song?"

Paper - Money "I got to get me some paper if I'm going to be rollin'.”

Parlayin - v. Relaxing and communicating. "Check out Reggie parlayin with Shana."

Peace out - A farewell remark. To say goodbye to someone.

Pearl - To leave. "I'll catch you later. I’m about to pearl."

Peeps - Short for "peoples." Meaning friends and family. Props to my peeps."

Phat - adj./adv. Very good, cool, top notch, hot or tempting. "His corvette was phat!"

Poppins - Perfect, as in 'Mary Poppins is perfect in every way.'

Poser - Someone who imitates or tries to be something he’s not. "He’s a poser."

Post up or posted up - To stay in one place. Staying on the corner, like a street post. "I was posted up all day on E. 14th."

Props - n. Favor or admiration credited to a person because of something done. A verbal recognition of good achievement.

Punked - Embarassed by someone else.

Put that on - Asking for or verifying authenticity. It’s like to “swear on someone’s grave." "Tim got a new car!" "Put that on!"

Put the smack down - v. To take an action of enforcement. "Man, if you don't stop buggin, I'm going to put the smack down!"

Represent - Trying to do your best; to achieve respect. "I'm just tryin' to represent."

Salty - A bad attitude toward someone or something. "Don't be all salty with me!"

Say my name - An exclamation used to intimidate or used for celebration. If someone just scored a touchdown, he might say, "Say my name (insert cruel noun here)!"

School - To show superiority by teaching someone a lesson, showing someone how to do something or to beat someone. "Give me that ball. I'm going to school you!"

Scrub - n. Someone undesirable. Someone who thinks he’s “fly” but really he’s a “busta.” "Man, I ain't hangin' out with them scrubs!"

Sick - adj. An extremely good trick in an extreme sport or very good. "That’s a sick ollie.”

Smak - v. To describe a negative, derogatory comment or conversation about (or to) another person. "He be talkin' smak about you!"

Spent - v. Tired. Also see "sprung." "Man, I'm spent!"

Stoked - adv. Extremely happy. "Did you see that trick? I was stoked I landed it!"

Straight up - adv. A phrase uttered in the midst of any sentence when no other adverbs are available to memory. Similar to the old slang word "totally." "He just straight up told me that he straight up liked me!" "Oh, straight up!" OR Telling or asking someone something without messing around, or stalling; getting right to the point. "I just saw Jimmy with Jessica!" "Straight up?" "Straight Up!"

Sweet - adj./adv. (sometimes pronounced "saw-wheat") A late '80s term for very good, excellent. "His corvette was sweet!"

Tore up (pronounced "toe up") - adj. Messed up. Ugly or run down. "Fix your hair; it's all tore up!" OR being under the influence; drunk or high. "Did you see Joe at the party last night? Man, he was tore up."

Treat 'em - To correct or confront someone with a learned necessity. To teach someone. "You betta treat 'em before I treat 'em."

Trippin' - v./adv. To act like someone who is hallucinating or on an acid trip. To do something that others find strange. "Girl, why you trippin' . . . he ain't all that!"

We're up - Something said when it's time to leave. "Hey, we're up!"

Weak - adj. No good, a bad situation. "This is weak."

Word - That’s correct, that’s all right, or that’s good. "“I just got me a new ride!” “Word.”"

You feel me? - A question asked to make sure someone understands you or where you’re coming from. See “feel me.”


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