Pre-purchase Termite Inspection

Dennis R. Ring, Reichel, Claudette H.

Have a licensed pest management professional (PMP) inspect the house before buying it. Although the inspection is commonly referred to as a termite inspection, it is actually an inspection for evidence of any wood-destroying insect. The PMP will give you a "Wood-Destroying Insect Report" that is approved by the Louisiana Structural Pest Control Commission.

Remember that if the statement says that no visible signs of termites were found at the time of inspection, it does not mean that termites are not in the structure or that they will not enter the structure in the future. It simply means visible signs of termites were not found in easily accessible areas when the structure was inspected.

Find out what company previously treated the house and if there are any warranty provisions you are entitled to. Inspect the property for improper management practices. Make sure you have all the information you need to make a sound decision.

Consider the termiticide residue in the soil before retreating a structure. Find out the termiticide use history of the house, when the house was last treated for termites and which product was used. Chlordane was used until May 1988, and it is thought to provide protection for 30 years. If chlordane was used, it may not be advisable to dig up the chlordane and replace it with a current product that will last only five years; however, if termites have entered the structure, some treatment is necessary.

3/22/2005 3:22:09 AM
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