Dog Care Contest - Care and Safety Quiz

6/3/2009 2:24:54 AM

The contest test will cover responsible dog ownership, basic care, grooming, nutrition, exercise, safety & accident prevention, health, veterinarian care, vaccinations and parasites.

Want to test your knowledge further? Check out these quiz sites.
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Veterinary Knowledge- Canine
Test your veterinary medical knowledge against a vet nurse. Pay close attention as this information can help you become a better pet owner!
Canine Capers
I absolutely adore dogs and I hope everyone will enjoy this quiz. This is dedicated to my dog Jack, the best Doberman in the whole wide world! This quiz is not British specific but some of the questions do have a British slant.
What's In Your Dog's Food?
Do you know? Do you really want to know? This quiz pertains to United States labeling and manufacturing practices.
Canine Nutrition
How much do you know about what you feed your furry friends?
Dog Health
Dogs are our best friends...this quiz is about what we can do to be a dog's best friend!
What Dogs CAN'T Eat
We all read about what dogs should eat, but how about what they can't?
Hair of the Dog
This should be fairly easy for those dog lovers who frequent the grooming parlor.
Canine Anatomy
We all love dogs -- but do you know how they're put together? Check out your knowledge!
Dogs -- Don't Eat These!
Most people know that dogs should not eat chocolate. But do you know about these less-well-known hazards to your pet? Taking this quiz may help keep your best friend from being sick as a dog!
Those Nasty Hotspots
Hotspots plague some dogs more than others. Unfortunately my dog, Junior, gets them often. I would like to share what I've learned about them through experience and research.
Fungal Infections in Dogs
An obscure subject, but an important one for dog owners. Dedicated to Jet, my flat-coated retriever who lost her life to a fungal infection in October, 2003.
Junior's Canine Renal Failure
This quiz is dedicated to my beloved Rottweiler, Junior. Sadly, Junior succumbed to canine renal failure on February 26, 2002. He was 5 years old. If you want to save your dog from this deadly disease, then take this quiz so you will know the signs.
Canine Genetic Disorders
How much do you know about the inherited maladies that can plague man's best friend? This quiz covers both genetic disorders and methods of preventing them.
Canine Parvovirus
Canine parvovirus, also simply known as parvo, is a very serious and devastating virus. This quiz emphasizes on some key aspects of the dangerous pathogen.
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