Dog Care Contest - Breeds Quiz

Kathleen McCutcheon  |  6/2/2009 10:33:42 PM

The contest test will cover origin of breeds, AKC breeds and groups, dog's roles in society and registration, pedigree and inherited problems.

Want to test your knowledge further? Check out these quiz sites.
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Dog Breeds In General
Think you know a lot about the various dog breeds? Take this quiz to find out how much you really know!
A Day At The Dogs' Home
You work at a dogs' home and it is your responsibility to match prospective owners with the correct dog. Hard work, but very rewarding. Enjoy.
Breed Nicknames
Many breeds have some special name or phrase that distinguish its characteristics and personality. For example, the Basenji is known as the Barkless Dog. Match the nickname with the breed.
Which Dog for Me?
10 people want to choose the dog that is right for them. See if you can help them select the breed that fits their lifestyles the best.
Odd Breed Out
One of these breeds doesn't belong...can you help me sort them out?
Breed Twins
There are many dog breeds that appear strikingly similar, with a few noted differences. The following quiz will be about different breeds that look closely alike, can you guess which they are?
Dog Breed Origins -- the Fun Way!
Go in the position of a historical person and pick the dog breed you would have used for certain jobs.
Guess Which Dog I'm Describing
I'll describe a breed of dog and you guess which one I'm describing. Good Luck!
AKC: The Club of Clubs
The United States' premier kennel club is the registry of over 100 dog breeds. Take this quiz to learn more about the AKC.
Guess That Dog Breed!
How much do you know about the more rare breeds of dogs?
The Heavy Mob
This quiz is dedicated to all those breeds whose weight exceeds 130 lbs, including some less well-known heavyweights. Why not come and take a look!
Alphabetical Dog Breeds
Each answer is a breed of dog - just pick the right one! All answers are multiple choice and all choices are real breeds of dog. It would take too much space to describe the other breeds so if you are curious you can research them! Have fun!
Spectacular Sighthounds and Primitive Breeds!
Here is a quiz on two of my favorite breed groups! Have fun!
Hunting Dogs
Many people love hunting dogs for both their abilities and their looks but what do you really know about them? Take this quiz and find out!
Dog Breeds Deluxe
This is a quiz about all sorts of breeds of dog. Learn about different breeds' histories, and other distinctive characteristics. I really hope that you enjoy playing it as much as I have enjoyed making it!
Which Breed? From the Breed Standards
Many breeds have a distinctive feature or description in the standard that identifies it with that breed. I'll give you one or more sentences from the breed standard, and you guess the breed. From the AKC standards, including Miscellaneous class.
Sighthounds Galore
The group of breeds known as sighthounds comprise some of the most ancient and some of the rarest dog breeds in the world. They are my passion so take this quiz and enjoy!
Dog Breeds in the Herding Group
A couple of these breeds are actually in the AKC Working Group, but all were bred to work with livestock as either herders or guardians.
Dog Breeds in the Nonsporting Group
A quiz on the very varied AKC Nonsporting group.
Dog Show: The Terrier Group
Can you name the correct member of the TERRIER group? All classifications are according to the American Kennel Club standards.
Dog Breeds in the Terrier Group
A quiz on dog breeds in the AKC Terrier group.
Dog Breeds in the Working Group
A quiz about dog breeds in the AKC Working Group.
Dog Show: The Hound Group
Can you name the breed of dog in the HOUND category? They're my favorite! All the breeds mentioned refer to the American Kennel Club classifications.
Dog Breeds in the Hound Group
The last of the seven dog groups- the hounds!
Dog Breeds in the Sporting Group
A quiz on AKC sporting breeds.
Dog Breeds in the Toy Group
A quiz on the tiny members of the AKC Toy Group.
Breed-Specific Genetic Problems
Breeds of dogs share a common gene pool that, unfortunately, often contains some bad genes. What do you know about genetic disorders specific to different breeds of dogs, and how to prevent them?
Cropped, Docked or Natural
This quiz will test your knowledge on which dogs have cropped ears, docked tails or ears and tails that are left naturally for the American Kennel Club conformation ring. We'll also give some questions on the practice of docking and cropping.
The Ear of the Dog
Can you spot the correct breed -- by a description of the ear? Let's see if you know your dogs!
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