Food Safety Lab

Pecan Tristate Convention 2018
Tristate Pecan Convention 2018 (Raymond, MS)
Poche farms
Louisiana Fruit and Vegetable Growers Association and LSU AgCenter tour of Faust and Poche farms
Karuna insect food
Karuna presenting about the food safety plan and regulations governing their new insect protein based product “Gryllus Snack”
Intern presentations
Andrea Vagua and Erika Cruz from Zamorano University(Honduras), presented their research work on food safety of sprouts, cantaloupes and bell peppers done at LSU AgCenter Food Safety Lab
Semester gathering
Semester gatheriing hosted by Dr. Adhikari (Spring 2018)
Dr. Bhesh Bhandari
Dr. Bhesh Bhandari visit April 2018
FSPCA April 2018
FSPCA Training at LSU AgCenter April 2018
Dr. Adhikari Lab at IAFP 2017 (Tampa, FL)
Congratulations Karuna Kharel and Cameron Cason for being part of 2017 IFTSA South Central College Bowl Competition Regional Champions team and competing at the Nationals
Congratulations Dr. Adhikari for winning “The Gamma Sigma Delta Research Certificate of Merit” from LSU. This award is given in recognition of his outstanding contribution either directly or indirectly related to agriculture.
Congratulations Cameron Cason, Dr. Adhikari, and Vijay Chhetri for winning SPIN Poster Competition Award, The Gamma Sigma Delta Research Certificate of Merit Award, and The Gamma Sigma Delta Outstanding Graduate Student Merit Honor Roll Award, respectively.

  • • Congratulations Vijay Chhetri on winning 2018 - IFT food microbiology division scholarship to attend annual meeting at Chicago, Illinois.

  • • Congratulations Vijay Chhetri on winning 2018 - IFT fruits and vegetable division travel scholarship.

  • • Congratulations Vijay Chhetri on winning 2018 - IAFP travel scholarship to attend annual meeting at Salt Lake City, Utah.

  • • Congratulations Karuna Kharel on your graduation in December 2018 with a Master's in Nutrition and Food Sciences

  • • Congratulations to Brett Riviere and Cameron Cason on your graduation in May 2017 with BS degree in Food Science

  • • Congratulations Cameron Cason for winning 2017- Allen canning co. Scholarship

  • • Congratulations Juan Moreira and Ximena Diez upon successful completion of your research internship in Dr. Adhikari’s Food Safety Lab at LSU

  • • Dr. Veerachandra K. Yemmireddy will be joining the team as a post-doctoral researcher starting from 1st February, 2017

  • • Congratulations Vijay Chettri for winning 2016-Graduate Student Association Travel Award from LSU

  • • Congratulations to Katheryn J Parraga Estrada on your graduation in Fall 2016 with MS degree in Food Science

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