2011-2012 projects funded by the Louisiana Soybean and Grain Board

Frances Gould  |  11/16/2011 10:00:20 AM


2011 Louisiana Soybean and Grain Research and Promotion Board Report. Frances Gould, $6,500 ($4,500 soybean, $1,000 corn/wheat and $1,000 grain sorghum).


Biology, Distribution and Management of Soybean Insect Pests. Dr. Jeff Davis, $52,000 (soybean).

An Integrated Multiple-Tactic Strategy for Managing Stink Bugs in Soybeans. Dr. Jeff Davis, $26,000 (soybean).

Emerging Insect Pest Problems in Field Corn and Grain Sorghum. Dr. Fangneng Huang, $19,500 ($16,222 corn/wheat and $3,278 grain sorghum).

School of Plant, Environmental and Soil Sciences

Weed Management and Biology Research in Soybeans. Dr. James L. Griffin, $40,000 (soybean).

Small Grain Breeding, Variety Development and Testing. Dr. Stephen A. Harrison, $72,000 (corn/wheat).

Plant Pathology and Crop Physiology

Using Molecular Biology to Control Soybean Diseases: Cercospora Leaf Blight and Rust. Dr. Zhi-Yuan Chen, $54,500 (soybean).

Reducing Aflaxtoxin in Corn. Dr. Zhi-Yuan Chen, $30,000 (corn/wheat).

Managing Mycotoxin Contamination of Louisiana Corn: Biological Control. Dr. Kenneth Damann, $40,000 (corn/wheat)

Measuring Yield Losses Due to Diseases of Soybeans. Dr. Clayton Hollier, $21,000 (soybeans).

Soybean Disease (Including Rust) Sentinel Plot Scouting Program. Dr. Clayton Hollier, $27,500 (soybean).

Biology and Control of Major Diseases of Soybeans. Dr. Raymond Schneider, $87,610 (soybean).

Soil Test Calibration and Fertilization Research for Sustainable Soybean and Corn Production in Louisiana. Dr. Brenda TubaƱa, $55,000 ($35,000 soybean and $20,000 corn/wheat).

Veterinary Science

Developing Soybeans Resistant to Asian Rust Pathogen. Dr. Svetlana Oard, $10,000 (soybean).

Dean Lee Research Station

Development of Aflaxtoxin-Resistant Corn Inbreds with Improved Agronomic Traits. Dr. Brooks Blanche, $25,000 (corn/wheat)

Louisiana Soybean Research Verification Program-LSRVP 2011. Dr. Ronald Levy, $39,050 (soybean).

Soybean and Grain On-Farm Demonstration Program -2011. Dr. Ronald Levy, $61,900 ($38,950 soybean, $21,950 corn/wheat and $1,000 grain sorghum).

Soybean Weed Management Systems in Louisiana. Dr. Daniel Stephenson, $46,363 (soybean).

Weed Management Systems for Feed Grain Crops in Louisiana. Dr. Daniel Stephenson, $19,125 ($13,125 corn/wheat and $6,000 grain sorghum)

Macon Ridge Research Station

Evaluation of Varieties and Management Practices for Improved Soybean Seed Quality. Dr. Donald J. Boquet, $38,409 (soybean).

Refining Field Corn and Grain Sorghum Insect Pest Management Strategies, Dr. B. Rogers Leonard, $19,982 ($14,200 corn/wheat and $5,782 grain sorghum).

Optimizing Chemical Control Strategies for Louisiana Soybean Pests. Dr. B. Rogers Leonard, $20,905 (soybean).

Evaluation of Cercospora Leaf Blight and Purple Seed Stain in Louisiana. Dr. Boyd Padgett, $20,480 (soybean).

Evaluation of Soybean Cultivars and Fungicides for Disease Management in Northeast Louisiana. Dr. Boyd G. Padgett, $22,556 (soybean).

Managing Disease in Louisiana Corn. Dr. Boyd G. Padgett, $10,000 (corn/wheat).

Wheat Disease Management in Louisiana. Dr. Boyd G. Padgett, $18,250 (corn/wheat).

Northeast Research Station

Cultural Practices That Influence Corn Yield Performance and Aflatoxin Accumulation. Dr. Rick Mascagni, $25,000 (corn/wheat).

Cultural Practices That Influence Grain Sorghum Yield Performance. Dr. Rick Mascagni, $12,000 (grain sorghum).

Soybean Weed Control Research in Northeast Louisiana. Dr. Donnie Miller, $36,800 (soybean).

Feed Grain and Wheat Weed Control Research in Northeast Louisiana. Dr. Billy Williams, $39,999 ($5,000 soybean, $31,379 corn/wheat and $3,620 grain sorghum).

Red River Research Station

Soybean Breeding and Variety Development. Dr. Blair Buckley, $23,700 (soybean).

Total Continuing Project Funding: $1,021,129

(Soybean: $650,323, Corn/Wheat: $338,126 and Grain Sorghum: $32,680)


Biological and Agricultural Engineering

Electrically Charged Fungicide Adjuvant. Dr. Roberto Barbosa, $25,000 (soybean).

Pesticide Application Efficiency and Drift Potential From Aerial and Ground Sprayers. Dr. Roberto Barbosa, $10,500 (soybean).


2011 Pocket Field Guide for Soybean and Grain Weed Identification and Control. Frances Gould, $19,450 (soybean).

Plant Pathology and Crop Physiology

Cercospora Leaf Blight Disease of Soybeans; Variety Differences, Environmental Effects and Source of Inoculum. Dr. Zhi-Yuan Chen, $16,000 (soybean).

Surveying Louisiana Soybeans for Soybean Vein Necrosis and Soybean Mottle Mosaic; Two New Viral Diseases of Soybeans in the United States Reported in Arkansas and Mississippi. Dr. Rodrigo Valverde, $6,500 (soybean).

Dean Lee Research Station

Agronomic Research to Improve Soybean Production in Louisiana. Dr. Brooks Blanche, $25,000 (soybean).

The Importance of Soil Sampling, Soil Testing and Soil Recommendations for Soybeans in Louisiana. Dr. J Cheston Stevens, $50,000 (soybean).

Central Region

Grain On-Farm Nitrogen Calibration Program. Dr. John Kruse, $10,000 (corn/wheat).

The Effect of Phosphorus and Potassium Application and Timing Methods in Soybeans on Yield and Water Quality. Donna Morgan, $10,000 (soybean).

Total Funding for New Projects: $172,450

(Soybean: $162,450 and Corn/Wheat Funding: $10,000)

Total 2011 Funding: $1,193,579

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