Work progressing on Clearfield medium grain, Jazzman

Frances Gould  |  10/2/2013 11:38:09 PM

Visiting Chinese scientist Jingping Su removes the male partsfrom a rice plant at the LSU AgCenter’s Rice Research Station. The process, called emasculation, is required in cross breeding to prevent a rice plant from carrying out self-pollination.

Photo By: LSU AgCenter

LSU AgCenter rice breeder Dr. Steve Linscombe said work is progressing on a Clearfield medium-grain rice with good disease resistance, as well as a Clearfield Jazzman.

Linscombe said foundation seed will be grown for both projects in 2013.

He also said two lines of Clearfield medium-grain rice will be grown in Puerto Rico during the offseason. The lines have Neptune as a parent, and they have good blast resistance and are somewhat resistant to bacterial panicle blight.

One Clearfield Jazzman line is a few days earlier in maturity, has the advantages of good yield potential and aroma, with a short height. The other is taller and later in maturity, with higher yield potential. Both have blast resistance, he said.

Linscombe said breeding for blast resistance has been easier in 2012.

"In all our breeding work this year, the extremely severe blast pressure allowed us to screen our breeding lines intensely," he said.

(This article was published in the 2013 Louisiana Rice Research Board Annual Report.)

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