Agritourism--a New Agricultural Business Enterprise

Dora Ann Hatch  |  2/4/2009 9:48:23 PM

Ducks quack a lot and like to be fed.

Is this really where milk comes from?

Agritourism, a business venture on a working farm, ranch or agricultural enterprise, is growing in popularity throughout the United States. Its popularity can be attributed to many factors: grandparents wanting to share their agricultural roots, travelers seeking nearby destinations or educators searching for outdoor classroom destinations.

Because agritourism blends entertainment and education, it is also known is “agrientertainment,” “agritainment” or “agrotourism.” These educational, fun trips to agritourism ventures provide parents and school teachers a unique way to teach the value of agriculture. Students learn more than just where food comes from and how to produce it; they learn about a way of life. Participating in “discovery” and learning activities in natural or agricultural settings also teaches children the role math and science plays in agriculture.

This website contains educational resources beneficial to entrepreneurs establishing or expanding an agritourism venture. The website also contains information on a new Louisiana law limiting liability for agritourism professionals and provides the necessary information to comply with the regulations.

If you have questions about agritourism, please contact Dora Ann Hatch, Extension Agritourism Coordinator, at 318-927-9654 Extension 229.

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