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Dental Health

By: Angell C. Jordan

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Let’s focus on what steps we can take to make sure we keep our teeth in good shape to enjoy all the healthy, delicious foods that are available. The mouth is the gateway to good nutritional health for our bodies and keeping it in good shape is important. If we don’t take good care of our mouth and are unable to eat properly it can affect different parts of the body. Dental problems can lead to the following:

  • Poor Dental Hygiene
  • Cavities
  • Toothaches
  • Poor-fitting Dentures

It’s important to keep your teeth healthy be-cause they were meant to chew, chew, chew! Strong teeth enable us to chew foods and chewing foods properly aids in digestion. It’s never too late to start turning around your dental health. Prevention is the key.

  • See a Dentist at least once a year
  • Brush and Floss regularly
  • If you detect any problems, get it looked at immediately

Our teeth were meant to chew and if not taken care of, they will not be strong enough to do its job.


Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program By: Brookais Milton, Nutrition Educator


The Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program (EFNEP), is a unique program that is designed to assist limited resource families and youth in acquiring the knowledge, skills, attitudes and changed behaviors necessary for nutritionally sound diets. EFNEP contributes to the personal development of youth and to the improvement of a total family diet and nutritional well-being.

Family Activities

Outdoor Treasure Hunt

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Warm weather presents the perfect opportunity for hands on outdoor activities! If your kids love finding hidden treasures, this is the perfect game for them. Fill a large plastic container with sand or dirt. Hide several trinkets inside and place small plastic shovels inside of the container. Print pictures of the type and number of treasures inside of the box. This is a great party game for young children!

Healthy Beginnings


The LSU / Southern University AgCenter in collaboration with the Department of Child and Family Services (DCFS) is offering parenting classes. These classes are available only to parents referred by DCFS as a part of the STEP Program. Parents learn several skills, along with best practices in their children’s physical, cognitive and social-emotional development, resource management, increased understanding and appreciation of their children and enhanced quality of life for the entire family.

This month:

Holding, talking to and responding to your baby helps them feel secure and loved. This is important to a child’s brain development especially during the first 3 years or formative years.


By: Tiffany Williams MS, RD, LDN

Prediabetes is a condition where blood sugar levels are higher than normal but are not high enough to be classified as type 2 diabetes. A fasting blood glucose (sugar) level between 100 mg/dl to 125 mg/dl is classified as prediabetes.

Prediabetes affects about 1 out of every 3 Americans and 9 out of 10 people who are living with the condition don’t know they have it. Most people don’t know that they are prediabteic because there are no clearly defined any symptoms of the condition. A diagnosis of prediabetes should be taken seriously. If not treated it can lead to diabetes, stroke, and heart disease. Most people with prediabetes will develop diabetes within 10 years if they do not make life-style changes.

People who are age 45 or older, overweight or obese, physical inactive, have high bold pressure, a family history of diabetes, polycystic ovary syndrome, high cholesterol, and diabetes during pregnancy are at risk for developing prediabetes. A waist circumference of 40 inches in men and 35 inches in women also increases risk for prediabetes. If you have one or more of the risk factors listed, the American Diabetes Association recommends that you should get your blood sugar tested. It is possible to prevent or delay the development of diabetes. Exercising for about thirty minutes per day five days a week, eating fewer calories, and losing five to ten percent of your body weight decreases the development of prediabetes by 58 percent.

Strawberry Jam Recipe

Strawberry Jam with Powdered Pectin


  • 5½ cups crushed strawberries (about 3 quart boxes strawberries)
  • 1 package powdered pectin
  • 8 cups sugar

Yield: About 9 or 10 half-pint jars

Please read “Using Boiling Water Canners” before beginning. If this is your first time canning, it is recommended that you read “Principles of Home Canning.” Click here to find more information on canning.

Procedure: Sterilize canning jars and prepare two-piece canning lids according to manufacturer's directions.

To prepare fruit. Sort and wash fully ripe strawberries; remove stems and caps. Crush berries.

To make jam. Measure crushed strawberries into a kettle. Add pectin and stir well. Place on high heat and, stirring constantly, bring quickly to a full boil with bubbles over the entire surface. Add sugar, continue stirring, and heat again to a full bubbling boil. Boil hard for 1 minute, stirring constantly. Remove from heat; skim.

Pour hot jam immediately into hot, sterile jars, leaving ¼ inch headspace. Wipe rims of jars with a dampened clean paper towel; adjust two-piece metal canning lids. Process in a Boiling Water Canner using a hot pack and half-pint or pint size jars.

Recommended process time for Strawberry Jam in a boiling water canner.

  • 0 - 1,000 feet- 5 minutes
  • 1,001 - 6,000 feet- 10 minutes
  • Above 6,000 feet- 15 minutes

Recipe and instructions on boiling water canning can be found here.

Strawberry Season

This is the season for….. Strawberries By: Tiffany Williams MS, RD, LDN


Louisiana strawberries are good for your body and our state economy. Strawberries are high in vitamin C which is good for building a strong

immune system. They are low in calories and have three grams of fiber per one cup. Strawberries also contain anthocyanins which gives them their red color and antioxidant properties. Louisiana strawberries usually reach their peak in March and April but are available from late November to February. In 2015 the Louisiana strawberry industry had a gross economic impact $15.4.

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