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Elizabeth Black  |  3/8/2017 8:25:36 PM

When you create a new page, you have to go to the Dashboard (

1. Log in to your dashboard by typing


2. Type your AgCenter ID and password and click “Log In.”

Log injpg

3. After logging in to your dashboard, the first step to creating a new page is to click “Create.”


4. Choose your layout. Most of the time, you will select the “Default Page” layout.

Choose your layoutjpg

5. If you have images and/or PDFs, upload them to the “Media Gallery.”
Tip: Make sure the names of your images or PDFs do not have any special characters.

6. Type or copy & paste the “Article Title.”

Article Titlejpg

7. Either use the existing modules or remove and then add the modules you want.

If you do not use the existing modules, remove them by clicking the trash can in the top right corner of each module. Click "+Add Modules" to add the modules you want.

8. Add content to the modules you have selected.

9. "Listing Details" contain the information that will show up on list and search pages. Type or copy & paste the “Article Description.” Then, click the purple edit button to select an image.

Listing detailsjpg

10. Under “People,” you will automatically be selected as the Owner, POC and Author. You can select a different POC or add Author(s) by typing their name in the box and then select their role(s).


11. “Tags” are important keywords used for searching and creating pages. If you want “Tags,” add them here.


12. This is the location or channel your posting will appear on the website.

Use the expansion arrows to navigate down the tree of folders to find the exact location you want your article to appear on the website and click the box next to the final destination of your article. Notice when you select this location, the channels above will be automatically selected.

If you do not select a channel, you will not be able to find it on the website. If you do not select the proper channel for your article, it may not show up on the website or may be difficult to find. For example, if you are posting for a parish, do not just select the name of your parish. Navigate down the tree to the exact location you want it to show up on the website.

13. The Sunrise date is the date your article appears on the website. The Sunset date is the date your article disappears or expires and is no longer visible on the website.

The Sunrise date is set for today’s date. The Sunset date is automatically set to never expire. If you want your page to expire, change the Sunset date.

Sunrise Sunsetjpg

14. After you have finished creating your page, click “Save,” “Preview” and then “Submit.” After clicking "Submit," in the "Comment" section, add a short sentence describing if this is a new post or if you edited the page, state the changes you made to the page.

Save Preview Submitjpg

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