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Dora Ann Hatch  |  9/15/2016 2:37:52 PM

Agritourism, a business venture on a working farm, ranch or agricultural enterprise, is growing in popularity throughout the United States. Agritourism blends entertainment, education and tourism together to provide a fun, exciting and memorable get-away for school trips and family outings. This website provides educational resources to assist new and existing entrepreneurs in developing, expanding and improving their agritourism ventures.

Topics covered in this newsletter include: announcement of farm tour directory online; Yellow Rails and Rice Festival; announcement of future workshops; how to start an agritourism business and comply with the agritourism limited liability law; tips for preparing for your fall school tours; and how include storytelling in your agritourism operation.

Agritourism Contact:

To learn more about agritourism in Louisiana, contact Dora Ann Hatch, LSU AgCenter agritourism coordinator, at 318-927-9654 Ext. 229 or e-mail here at

​Agritourism Best Management Practices


When the Agritourism Limited Liability Law was passed in 2008, the LSU AgCenter developed a brochure on Agritourism Best Management Practices to assist existing and new agritourism professionals in complying with the law. These practices suggest ways an agritourism professional can minimize risks on their enterprise. To learn more, contact Dora Ann Hatch, agritourism coordinator for the LSU AgCenter.

​Agritourism Plan of Operation

agritourism plan of operation screenshotjpg

An agritourism plan of operation is a planning document that assists agritourism professionals in complying with La R.S. 9:2795.5 to reduce agritourism liability. The document is available online. Completion of this document will assist you in identifying ways to make your operation safer.

​LSU AgCenter Receives Grant to Offer Agritourism Workshops

The LSU AgCenter was awarded a grant from the Southern Risk Management Education Center to assist existing and potential agritourism operators. Four workshops will be hosted around the state.

The workshop dates, topics and locations are listed below:

November 8, 2016, Agritourism Financial and Legal Liabilities Workshop, Rayne

November 10, 2016, Agritourism Financial and Legal Liabilities Workshop, Alexandria

April 18, 2017, Agritourism Safety and Emergency Management Workshop, Arcadia

April 20, 2017, Agritourism Safety and Emergency Management Workshop, Albany

​Yellow Rails and Rice Festival Scheduled November 2-6, 2016

Yellow Rails combine shotjpg

The 8th annual Yellow Rails and Rice Festival registration opens August 1st. The festival is based in Jennings and its primary goal is to provide participants a unique venue to view Yellow rails while at the same time bring birders and farmers together to realize the value to birds of the area’s “working wetlands.” This agritourism festival is a must see. The farms you will visit are certified agritourism operations. The schedule offers each participant a unique opportunity to view birds in their habitats. Register and see what it’s all about.

Agritourism Farm Tour Directory

farm tour brochure screen shotjpgThe Agritourism Farm Directory is a guide to farms that have received certification from the Louisiana Department of Ag and Forestry. This certification means that the agritourism operator has written a plan of operation that includes safety checks to keep visitors safe. If you are an agritourism operator and wish to be included contact me by e-mail:

Agritourism: A New Agricultural Business

Agritourism a new agricultural business enterprise screenshotjpg

Agriculture and tourism together present unique opportunities for farmers to diversify and expand their operations. An online brochure entitled, “Agritourism: A New Agricultural Business Enterprise,” describes the steps in developing an agritourism business venture.

​Preparing for the Fall School Field Trips to Your Farm

An online publication entitled, “A Farmer's Guide to Hosting Farm Visits,” provides good information on how to plan your field trips. This helpful guide provides ideas for the farmer and also provides ideas to share with teachers. For students to get the most out of a field trip there must be some preparation in the classroom before they arrive.

The guide suggests that you offer hands-on experiences. Divide classes in small subsets or group them for the day and then make sure each group gets to actually engage in some type of farm activity. It’s the hand-on experiences that make the trip memorable. Click here to read more.

​Add Storytelling to Your Operation

Recently, I read an article by Dr. Nancy Franz and in that article she shares how to communicate through storytelling. Adding storytelling to your operation could enhance the learning process. Your audience might be more captivated to see you in period costume if you tell how your family has owned the land since the 1800’s. Click here to read Dr. Franz’s article.

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