Economic Impact of Forestry and Forest Products on Acadia Parish, Louisiana

Shaun Tanger  |  12/5/2017 8:01:05 PM

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The forest products industry contributes to each parish’s economy in a number of ways, including jobs and wages, local purchases and contributions of local, state and federal taxes.

Additionally, the purchase of goods and ser-vices by the forest products industry and its employees spurs economic activity in other sectors of the economy, resulting in a sub-stantial cumulative economic contribution.

The forestry and forest products industry in Acadia Parish, Louisiana, had a total eco-nomic contribution of approximately 147 jobs that provided $6,714,508 in income during 2015. Forestry and the forest prod-ucts industry also generated an output of

$14,001,260 in this parish. Total industry output is defined as the value of all goods and services produced in the parish. Val-ue-added amounted to approximately

$9,441,738. Value-added represents the cre-ation of new wealth and is inserted into the economy through payments made to workers, interest, profits, and indirect business taxes.

The forestry and forest products contribu-tions to the Louisiana economy are sum-marized in the right column and detailed in Table 1.

These results were obtained using the Impact Analysis for Planning (IMPLAN) input-out-put model. Using input-output analysis to track how the inputs of one sector of the economy are the outputs of other sectors can allow for a greater appreciation of the economic importance of a sector or group of sectors to the overall economy.

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