Rising Above the Floods: Arrangements that Work

Patricia Skinner, Baker, Eugene  |  8/15/2016 5:54:05 PM

Arrangements that Work

The complete elevation project includes: design and drafting; preliminary site work; the elevation itself; rehabilitating the building with porches, decks and possible roof alterations; repairing driveways; and landscaping.

You may contract the entire job to a single contractor, subcontract portions to different contractors or perform some of the tasks yourself. The elevation contractor should have control of the job from the time digging starts until the house has been set on its new foundation and the steel removed. If the new foundation and supports are to be built by subcontractors, the elevation contractor, not the homeowner, should subcontract that work. This arrangement allows the elevation contractor to assume complete responsibility for the structural integrity of the elevated structure.

Elevation, construction and landscaping contractors will buy materials to be installed on your property. Your contracts should require the contractors to provide proof of payment for materials and releases of lien from suppliers and subcontractors as a condition of payment.

For additional information on working with contractors, refer to AgCenter publication 2171, How to Choose and Hire the Right Contractor.

Information providers:

  • Permit official - Height limitations, permits, BFE
  • Utility companies - Location of service lines and mains
  • Structural or civil engineer - Site plan and foundation drawings
  • Architect - Plans for exterior remodeling, decks, etc.
  • Elevation contractor - Feasibility and pricing information
  • Building contractors - Plumbing, electrical, masonry, carpentry, pricing information
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