Rising Above the Floods: Are you allowed?

Patricia Skinner, Baker, Eugene  |  8/15/2016 4:46:52 PM

Are you allowed...

Elevation of a slab-built structure is “construction” or “development” in the legal sense of those words and may be “substantial” as defined in local building ordinances. In most communities and in all designated flood hazard areas, it will be subject to local ordinances and the building permit system. If you live in a subdivision, your building modifications may also be subject to subdivision restrictions or covenants.

One of your first stops when considering structure elevation should be the local building or permit office. They may be able to offer advice, and theyshould be able to answer these important questions:

  • Are you in a designated special flood hazard area (“the flood zone”)?
  • What is the Base Flood Elevation (BFE) at your building site?
  • Do local ordinances or building codes govern elevation of an existing building?
  • Are you subject to any subdivision restrictions or covenants?
  • Do you need a permit, and how do you get one?
  • Does the local government have any programs to assist homeowners with flood proofing?

Your mortgage company has a financial interest in your building and should be consulted.

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