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Louisiana farmers fight herbicide-resistant weeds with dicamba

(Video 06/28/17) Farmers wage a never-ending battle with many different types of weeds. To help farmers get the upper hand, weed scientists are developing strategies to combat herbicide-resistant weeds, including the use of the herbicide dicamba. But farmers must be careful when using this technology. LSU AgCenter correspondent Craig Gautreaux has this report. (Runtime: 01:36)

Cover crops helping improve soil quality

(Video 11/15/17) Farmers are often looking for ways to improve the quality of the soil and prevent its runoff. Scientists with the LSU AgCenter are looking at how cover crops can help accomplish this goal, especially during the winter months when the soil is exposed. LSU AgCenter correspondent Craig Gautreaux has this report. (Runtime: 01:50)

(Video 2/8/18) Farmers and researchers across Louisiana are examining how cover crops can reduce erosion and improve the fertility of their soil. These crops can provide a benefit to the environment by keeping soil and fertilizer where it belongs — on the farm. Some of the cover crops being examined are Austrian winter peas, hairy vetch, cereal rye and tillage radishes. (Runtime 01:47)

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