Lantana Lace Bugs

Allen D. Owings, Pollet, Dale K.  |  6/28/2010 8:01:52 PM

lace bug
Lantana lace bugs are out in big numbers currently. We have had major populations of these insects on our lantana plantings at the Hammond Research Station this summer. This lace bug species infests deciduous plants. This means that it overwinters as an adult in the leaf litter under and around the base of the plant. Good management strategy is to clean up under and around the plant during winter to help the environment manage some of the pest population. Like their counterparts (found on azaleas), they have a piercing, sucking mouthpart. Eggs are deposited on the stems and foliage in the spring as the plants begin to grow. The hatching nymphs resemble the nymphs of other species except for color. Their feeding causes the leaf tissue to become stippled and discolored, and with heavy feeding eventually turn a bronzy gray color. Heavy damage can cause early defoliation and reduced bloom. Management can be completed with Merit, cyfluthrin or other pyrethroid or Orthene.
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