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Patricia M. Arledge, Sharpe, Kenneth W.  |  11/14/2015 2:49:06 AM

News Article for October 19, 2015:

November is the best time to plant container grown woody ornamentals and trees in your landscape so make your fall planting plans now.

It is spring flowers that entice people to plant most often but this year think now about what you really like and install your new plants this fall. Fall planted woody plants have the least amount of transplant shock and perform best their first year.

Our winters can be cold but the ground almost never freezes and the roots of newly plants will grow all winter long. This will give you a huge advantage come next summer when it gets hot and the root system has expanded outside the original root ball and out into the native soil. November planted plants will have up to 7 months to grow roots which can seek out much needed water to survive our harsh summer weather.

When planting be sure to dig the planting hole twice the diameter of the container but the same depth as the pot. Then remove the plant from the pot and center it in the planting hole and position it so the plant is the same height or slightly above the soil line. It is very important to backfill the planting hole with the original soil that you removed when you dug the hole. Fight any temptation to replace the original soil with a good organic soil mix since the clay at the bottom and sides of your planting hole would make your planting hole a pond that will fill up with water and kill your new plant. If you backfill with the original soil the root system will wet and dry at the same rate as the surrounding soil and the plant will not stand in water and will grow just fine.

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